ROW80-4 - 10/07 - Early Success
FFF - Week 7 - The Collector

ROW80-4 - 10/14 -A New Spot

No, not a blemish, it's a new writing spot. I just set up another pc on my kitchen table, as a place just for writing. So far it only has Scrivener and Dropbox loaded on it, to minimize distractions. It's a brighter room, with a bit of a view out a window. 

  • Editing - Not a lot lately. But - see above note. I will restart fine tuning from my new spot! 
  • Writing
    • Have another FFF challenge to do. Positive feedback on the last one. Research book in library.
  • Publishing/Marketing 
    • Got another check from my publisher - 70 some dollars. Yay! Need to work on my pitch too for publishers I am meeting.
  • Reading
    • My book club is back on again, plus I'm voting in 10 days on the Aurora Awards so have goal of several to read/skim for that. Finished The Future Falls. Started My Real Children. Voting is in a few days - may need to skim some. 
    • Still buried under papers for election news. 
  • Social - Chats with my red-head, and with my son. And gaming with him. Plus his birthday last weekend and a turkey dinner here. 
  • Exercise - Did get out a lot last Sunday and Monday, as it got up into the mid-20's. 


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Shan Jeniah Burton

Sounds like a good foundation building session, Mike, with lots of connection and activity.

It's amazing how setting up a new space can energize us, isn't it? I've been working from my study, when I had been in the bedroom. It's been very productive, and I think I'm sleeping better, too! =)

Enjoy the redhead, and the new spot! =D

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