FFF - Week 8 - Scanned and Scammed
FFF - Week 9 - The Deeps

ROW80-4 - 10/21 - Not Wednesday

A couple of days late for the check in, but I wanted to get at least a quickie update in here, as I head out of town tomorrow for a week of fun. We had an election Monday, and picked a different party. Liberals, under Trudeau. Everyone was fed up with the Conservatives, and especially their dictatorial leader, Harper. General feeling was 'throw the bastard out'. So we did. 

  • Editing - My new spot for writing editing didn't last, as I needed the monitor as a second gaming console and the table to read the newspaper. At any rate, editing done for now. Good enough. 
  • Writing
    • I did two FFF challenges, The Collector, and Scanned and Scammed.  That's eight so far in this series, one a week. Two have inspired by my choice for NaNoWriMo this year (see below), as often happens.
    • NaNoWriMo - This will be a sci-fi story, set in a world where simple ID chips morphed into health records then tracking devices then mood/emotion controls. And more. I just need a story and characters to set there, so I can do an outline. It will come to me. I have Index Card on my iPad to work on this while I'm away - we'll see how all that goes. It will export into Scrivener when I'm done. I think. 
  • Publishing/Marketing 
    • I drafted up my pitch for the three publishers I am meeting at the end of the month. Will tune it up, with help from my girlfriend next week.
  • Reading
    • I voted in the Aurora Awards so did a lot of reading/skimming.  
    • Book club - We did, and liked, The Future Falls, by Tanya Huff. 
  • Social - Chats with my red-head, and with my son, of course. Did more  gaming with him.  
  • Health - trying to get out more, and buy less snack food. Had a full physical this week - doing pretty good but less weight would be better.
  • Other - lots of Netflix of course.



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Cindy Scott

Sounds like a nice and varied week. Good to heard that things in the writing world are going well. Working on my NaNo prep for next month, feel more prepared this year than last. Still need more time to get the outline and character sketches and scene breakdown's done (at least).

Hope your last week of October is productive!! See you in November!! :-)

Erin Z.

Glad you are doing well. I am writing a science fantasy novel, third in a series. The world is a bit futuristic which is so much fun to play in. I enjoy writing and reading sci-fi.

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