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On Being Ugly

This week's Flash Fiction Friday challenge was to give the backstory on a fairy tale. 


Once upon a time and long ago, we had great fun with a prompt that had us using a fairy tale villain as our protagonist. This time however, you can feel free to use any of those freaky little players in your story. So, what are we looking for this week? We want you to give us a backstage pass, so to speak, so we can go behind the scenes in the land of enchantment.

There are so many creatures, sweet and evil alike, all wrapped up neatly into pretty little packages, tied with colored ribbons and topped with bows, called fairy tales. That’s all well and good, but what led up to their appearance in these charming fantasies? What are their backstories?

For instance, what’s the deal with Goldilocks? How long had she been committing criminal trespass before she graduated to felony B&E? Think about this too. Would you begin your career as a burglar with a house inhabited by three bears? What drove her to take such a risk?

You get the point. We want you to give us the skinny on who these fairy tale ‘people’ really are.

Prompt: Choose a fairy tale/nursery rhyme (or throw a couple into the mix, if you’d prefer), and share with us the tale behind the tale.

Genre: Fairy Tale/Mixed

Word Count: 1,500 or less


My story is just under 1000 words, and shows how ugliness can lead to good karma. 

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ROW80-1 -01/18 -Just dropping by

Not a lot to report here, at least not writing. I read a book and went to my book club, did a Flash Fiction, shuffled my writing area again, had a grandson for a sleepover, and drove way too much all over Europe and Russia. My girlfriend arrives in a few days, for week, so I've put away my G27 wheel and taken out the editing again, to cram some in. When I'm not vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom ;-) 


  • Writing
    • I wrote a Flash Fiction, called The Penitent.  Nicely creepy. This week's challenge is about the old Wild Wild West. 
  • Publishing
    • Kitchen laptop was okay for just editing, but as soon as I tried to look up something online things bogged down. Plus I need the kitchen table for company this week. So - back at main pc, and am using Pomodoro to help me focus.
    • Some editing - not a lot, but some.
  • Reading/watching
  • Other
    • Dropped by my local for a nice chat with friends.
    • I had a grandson over for a sleepover. He was restless -didn't really get to sleep until almost 12. Then up at 5:30 - because he's 9. 
    • Gaming - Yet more Eurotruck. I found a way to add both Russian maps I had onto main game, as well as more cargo options, so lots of areas to explore, with things like a 35T tank on a lo-boy behind me. Up hills in snow.

The Penitent

This week Flash Fiction Friday challenged us to choose one of three images and use it as the inspiration for a nightmare. 


First, there was the Twilight Zone, and then came The Night Gallery. It is that gallery of the macabre that we will be visiting this week. To quote the talented developer and host of both of these fear fests:

‘Welcome to a private showing of three paintings. Each is a collector’s item in its own way — not because of any special artistic quality, but because each captures on a canvas and suspends in time, a frozen moment of a nightmare.’




This week, we are asking you to take us by the hand and pull us into that nightmare.

Prompt: Select one of the three paintings displayed here and base your story on the image

Genre: Supernatural horror

Word Count: 1,500 or less


I was intrigued by the second image, the woman's face. After some digging I found, via Youtube, that it was the image of a woman haunted perhaps by her past - Mary Magdalene. And the nightmare? I found it, of course. Just over 1000 words.

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ROW80-1 - Late Already

Well, that didn't take long. I just started this round and already missing my check ins! I have been doing some writing and editing and reading but not nearly enough.


  • Writing
    • I gave some feedback on one of my critique groups
    • Cut back on my list of writerly blogs.
    • Wrote a Flash Fiction, called A Little Bit of Weird. And it was. Here's this week's challenge.
    • My muse was in town, so had a nice visit and I got more inspiration. 
  • Publishing
    • Set up a laptop in the kitchen, with screen and keyboard, and Scrivener installed. Figured out how to get a clean copy back and forth between this and my main pc. And actually did some editing!
  • Reading/watching
  • Other
    • Dropped in to local pub Saturday for a friends birthday. They have an open stage Saturday's, and there was an amazing guy playing jazz guitar. Fingers just danced along the frets and strings. 
    • Not out a lot. We had +10C and 20mm rain and then -20C. I just managed a few trips to local library and pub and coffee shop. 
    • Gaming - Yet more Eurotruck. Found yet another mad add-on. Explored Cairo and the Pyramids, Algeria, Spain, and now the Balkans.