The Penitent
On Being Ugly

ROW80-1 -01/18 -Just dropping by

Not a lot to report here, at least not writing. I read a book and went to my book club, did a Flash Fiction, shuffled my writing area again, had a grandson for a sleepover, and drove way too much all over Europe and Russia. My girlfriend arrives in a few days, for week, so I've put away my G27 wheel and taken out the editing again, to cram some in. When I'm not vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom ;-) 


  • Writing
    • I wrote a Flash Fiction, called The Penitent.  Nicely creepy. This week's challenge is about the old Wild Wild West. 
  • Publishing
    • Kitchen laptop was okay for just editing, but as soon as I tried to look up something online things bogged down. Plus I need the kitchen table for company this week. So - back at main pc, and am using Pomodoro to help me focus.
    • Some editing - not a lot, but some.
  • Reading/watching
  • Other
    • Dropped by my local for a nice chat with friends.
    • I had a grandson over for a sleepover. He was restless -didn't really get to sleep until almost 12. Then up at 5:30 - because he's 9. 
    • Gaming - Yet more Eurotruck. I found a way to add both Russian maps I had onto main game, as well as more cargo options, so lots of areas to explore, with things like a 35T tank on a lo-boy behind me. Up hills in snow.


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Congratulations on fitting in some creativity around the Life Stuff. :)
Good luck next week with the additional distractions.

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