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ROW80-1 -02/21 -Queries

Well, it's been a while since I checked in. Seems like I got caught up in various odds and ends I guess, especially some non-writing ones. I have been sending out queries to agents, though. Fifteen sent so far, with two rejections. At least they did get back to me.


  • Writing
    • Had another good meeting with my Monday Sci-fi/Fantasy critique group. New members there, with new stories. 
    • I'm almost up to date with my reduced list of writerly blogs to follow.
    • Flash Fiction - none lately. And the prompts have been good.
  • Publishing
    • I'm blending in the latest editing for Return to Kirk's Landing - only a few hours left. 
    • As above, I've sent in queries to 15 agents so far, with two declining. Some want just a letter, some also a synopsis, a few the first 5-10 pages of my novel. Reply times range from 2 to 12 weeks, with some just saying if you don't hear then it's a no. Most allow you to query another agent there, but I've tried to pick the best matches initially.
    • I started to review my existing Flash Fiction to see which might be expandable for short stories, then self-published for the summer..
    • Got my check from Canada Council for having my book in libraries - $203. It was in 4/7 of the ones that they surveyed. out to four more to libraries. Do a mass email to friends in major cities asking all to buy/review/borrow - whatever.
  • Reading/watching
    • Read The Secret of the Blue Trunk for my book club. So-so. 
    • Watch online - not a lot. Lucifer. The Last Kingdom.
  • Mentor
    • Continue to help other in my writer groups and online
  • Other
    • Less visits to the pub partially because of some nasty weather.
    • Walk/exercise more -Not enough. New meds better at managing blood pressure, but need 1/2 walk a day. 
    • Gaming - Still driving around Europe while listening to BBC 6 radio. Restful.

ROW80-1 -02/03 - New goals?

I find it harder every session to stick to my guns. I'm reluctant to downsize my goals, but maybe I just need a refocus. Staying up until 2 playing video games seems to be a new wrinkle too. Choices. Maybe with the days getting longer and warmer (at times), getting out and about more will rejuvenate me. And a schedule might help, as I seem to do well with writing first thing in the day. Especially if the day starts at 9 am.

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