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ROW80-1 -02/21 -Queries

ROW80-1 -02/03 - New goals?

I find it harder every session to stick to my guns. I'm reluctant to downsize my goals, but maybe I just need a refocus. Staying up until 2 playing video games seems to be a new wrinkle too. Choices. Maybe with the days getting longer and warmer (at times), getting out and about more will rejuvenate me. And a schedule might help, as I seem to do well with writing first thing in the day. Especially if the day starts at 9 am.

So here's some revised goals, with status so far. It's a long list, but I wanted to get it all down in one spot. 

  • Writing
    • Continue with the online and local writing groups I'm in.
      • I went to Ottawa Independent Writers meeting, as well as our Monday Sci-fi/Fantasy critique group. Both great for networking, and we have some new members for the MondSFF group. Great critiques from them on our stories.  
    • Keep reading about writerly things, but cut the writerly blogs.
      • Done. I'm sure there are interesting posts I'm missing now, but that's okay.
    • Write one Flash Fiction per week.
      • I'm doing this most weeks, and enjoying it.
    • Attend CanCon this fall.
  • Publishing
    • FUP with Chizine
      • No response back. Again. Five Rivers Publishing is open Feb 1-14 for submissions, so I'm targeting them.
    • Blend in the latest editing for Return to Kirk's Landing by end of January. 
      • Not there yet, but aiming at the above Five Rivers deadline
    • Compile an agent/publisher list, so I can start submissions in February.
      • I have a few ready
    • Get six Flash Fiction published online this year. This ROW80, review my existing Flash Fiction to see which might be expandable for short stories.
      • I need another book to sell this summer, so may collect some FF stories and self-publish, just to get it out quickly. 
    • Promote Kirk's Landing more. This ROW80, send out to four more to libraries. Do a mass email to friends in major cities asking all to buy/review/borrow - whatever.
      • Still a good idea but may defer.
    • Attend Prose in the Park.
      • Scheduled for June 4
    • Other media - Consider audio books and a screenplay for Kirk's Landing. Perhaps a TV series. An agent would help here.
      • Still on my radar
  • Reading/watching
    • Read a book a week, with a review on Goodreads.
      • Yes to reading, but brief reviews at best.
    • Watch online
      • Not a lot of that - too busy driving. 
  • Mentor
    • Continue to help other in my writer groups and online
      • Yes! I like this.
  • Other
    • Less visits to the pub.
      • Easy when weather/distractions keep me in.
    • Walk/exercise more.
      • Not enough. Trying new meds to better manage blood pressure, I am doing regular back exercises every tine I wait for my coffee to steep, and got a good suggestion from my daughter, on Essentrics.
    • Less Facebook?
      • I think so 
    • Girlfriend
      • Of course. She was just up for 8 days. My turn next. 
    • Gaming
      • Still long bouts of that truck simulator. It seems to be a prefect mix of being challenging yet relaxing for me, so before I know it, it's 2 am again. 


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