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ROW80-1 - 03/23 - End of round

I missed last Wednesday's final check in, as well as some before that, but am finally here. In general, this ROW went okay. I've had better, and I've had worse.

I finally decided my second novel was edited enough, and sent it out to agents to see if someone would like to represent me. I sent 20 queries out a month or so ago, and have about 12 still open. Some said no, some already timed out, and one asked for the whole book. Fingers crossed. I used to find and track agents - I recommend it.  

Writing/editing -I've done a few stories at, but not every week as planned. But, big thanks to Joyce for reviving this. I have some writerly friends that regularly submit short stories for cash - I'd like to try that. And I've started editing book #3, Agnes of Grimm. I'm using my new laptop, an Asus Zenbook 305-CA. It's very lightweight - I love it.  

Reading - yes, still stories for my book club. The last one was Fatal Affair, by Marie Force. Crime with romance. And sizzle. 

Mentoring and marketing - I've been active with my local critique group. We've even booked a table at a local book festival this June. I'll sell book #1 there, but I need to promote it more to libraries in the meantime.

Video games and Netflix - Yet more Eurotruck Simulator, wandering around Europe and Russia, experimenting with different combinations of engines and chassis and transmissions.  As for online TV, watched things like more House of Cards, some of Battle for CTRL (about a PC company in the 80's), Hell and Back (an adult cartoon), and He Never Died (dark and humorous).  

So, that's it for this round. I'm looking forward to the next one and hope to do better - we'll see.

Excruciating detail follows, for my own tracking - don't say I didn't warn you!

For 2016, my long term writerly goals were, and still are:

  • be a better writer
  • make money at this
  • be a mentor
  • stay healthy enough to enjoy it all

And my SMART objectives (with some repeats) were:

  • Writing
    • Continue with the FB writing groups I'm in, as well as some local critique groups. Done
    • Keep reading about writerly things, but cut the writerly blogs. Done
    • Write one Flash Fiction per week. Don't worry about polishing them, just treat them more as a quick draft. a chance to play. Some, but not every week.
    • Attend CanCon this fall. Not yet. 
  • Publishing
    • FUP with Chizine Nope
    • Blend in the latest editing for Return to Kirk's Landing by end of January. Done
    • Compile an agent/publisher list, so I can start submissions in February. Done
    • Get six Flash Fiction published online this year. This ROW80, review my existing Flash Fiction to see which might be expandable for short stories. Still an objective, but need to first discuss w writerly friends that already do this.
    • Promote Kirk's Landing more. This ROW80, send out to four more. Do a mass email to friends in major cities asking all to buy/review/borrow - whatever. Not done. I think I've hit all the big libraries, and many smaller ones too. Mass email still a good idea. 
    • Attend Prose in the Park. Registered for a table.
    • Other media - Consider audio books and a screenplay for Kirk's Landing. Perhaps a TV series. An agent would help here. Signed up for a free 2-week online screenplay course, but never did finish it. Info still online though.
  • Reading/watching
    • Read a book a week, with a review on Goodreads. Read in my genre (whatever that is) but try the occasional non-fiction. No problem with reading! 
    • I hesitate adding 'watch online series' because that can easily turn into binge watching. Yup. Some here.
  • Mentor
    • Continue to help other in my writer groups and online Yes - I like this.
  • Other -mixed results here.
    • Less visits to the pub. Cheaper, healthier, and often it's not that interesting.
    • Walk more. Keep up the exercises
    • Less Facebook. 
    • Girlfriend - of course. 
    • Gaming - try to avoid the temptation of playing until 4am!  


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Kat Morrisey

I really need to get a new computer. I keep putting it off but my laptop is so big and heavy (it was a desktop replacement, way before light and sleek laptops were the thing! LOL). One of these days, I plunk down the cash for one. One of these days...

Anyway, that is some fantastic work on your goals this Round. I have Fatal Affair on my Nook. I keep meaning to read it. And you have just made me bump that one to the top of the list. :) I have two more to finish this weekend, but then I'm cracking that one open. (Or hitting the 'read' open; you get the idea!)

I am going to check out query tracker and flashfridayfiction. I belong to a monthly writers group at the local library. We do flash fiction there. I am so used to writing long books though, I find it hard to just write 1500 words. I'm going to keep trying though. I think it makes my writing (in the longer books), tighter and better structured, if that makes sense.

Again, congrats on your progress this Round. Will you be joining Round 2? If so, see you there!

Pam Baddeley

Well done on your progress and wishing you luck with your agent quest!


Thanks Pam. Looking back I guess I did get some things accomplished, just not always the ones I had planned on. The agent search is new to me, but hopefully will be rewarding. If not, I look directly for a publisher, and if not, I self publish. In the meantime, book #3 is being edited and will be eventually sent out to agents.


Thanks, I did manage to get a lot of odds and ends done this round.
You'll love having a lighter and more portable computer. This one boots in seconds and I can (and do) use it at th kitchen table or on the couch or at the coffee shop. Perhaps the occasional outdoor patio once the weather warms up.
Hope you enjoy Fatal Affair - it gets steamy at times.
Let me know if you get into Flash fiction. I really need to get back into a weekly routine, both to support my friend Joyce that has revived the site and to keep expanding my horizons. Mine are listed here

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