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Plotter or Pantser?

For my non-writing readers, plotters start off their writing with not just a story idea, but a plot, characters, character arcs, structured flow, high and low points, scene outlines, maps, etc. etc. Pantsers often have just a story idea, and then just write whatever comes out, navigating by the seat of their pants.

Plotters have the advantage of knowing where their story is going, but too much structure may constrain their creativity. Or result in major rework to adjust all that structure to a new direction. Pantsers can just be creative and write, but at some point they will have to rearrange and edit to fit everything into some sort of structure. And maybe throw a lot of their wok away. Because, while readers love great dialogue and action scenes and description, they also want to see things like plot and character issues.  As do agents and publisher and editors.

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Party Animal

This week's FFF challenge was to share some fantasy.With a list of words to include too.


Story, people. We want you to share your fantasy story. The genre of fantasy is a fascinating one. Stories use magic or other supernatural elements as their main plot, theme or setting. Readers are invited to tour imaginary worlds where magical creatures are common, who are often involved in journeys and/or quests.
Fantasy stories can begin and end in an imaginary world, they can start in the real world and move to an imaginary one, or they can be set in the real world, and have elements of magic enter and take hold. There are so many different paths a fantasy story can take, which is what makes this such an intriguing genre.
This week, we want you to open a portal and permit us to step into your world of magic and wonder.
Prompt: Since Spring is now in the air, let’s write a story that includes the following five words: Spring, egg, bloom, season, and bunny
Genre: Fantasy
Word Count: 1,500 or less
Mine is just under 1300 words. And a little risque!

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