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Plotter or Pantser?

Party Animal

This week's FFF challenge was to share some fantasy.With a list of words to include too.


Story, people. We want you to share your fantasy story. The genre of fantasy is a fascinating one. Stories use magic or other supernatural elements as their main plot, theme or setting. Readers are invited to tour imaginary worlds where magical creatures are common, who are often involved in journeys and/or quests.
Fantasy stories can begin and end in an imaginary world, they can start in the real world and move to an imaginary one, or they can be set in the real world, and have elements of magic enter and take hold. There are so many different paths a fantasy story can take, which is what makes this such an intriguing genre.
This week, we want you to open a portal and permit us to step into your world of magic and wonder.
Prompt: Since Spring is now in the air, let’s write a story that includes the following five words: Spring, egg, bloom, season, and bunny
Genre: Fantasy
Word Count: 1,500 or less
Mine is just under 1300 words. And a little risque!
Party Animal

The bar was packed, even for an Easter weekend. Marty assumed it was mostly people that had headed home to be with the family, and were already bored or fed up or once again estranged. He was here because his sister had brought him.

"You're the same as when I left five years ago," she'd said. "Quiet, shy little Martin. Nice guy, in good shape, pleasant to look at, but never even talks to a girl. So I'm guessing twenty five and still a virgin?"

He'd punched her in the arm. "Shut up, Susan. I talk to girls, to women."

"Sure Marty. The girl on the cash at the grocery store, mom's bridge club, your sister. That's it, I'm taking you clubbing tonight. I'll even spring for the first round."

He knew refusal was not an option; she'd keep pestering and egging him on. So, here they were. Or rather here he was, sitting on a bar stool, while Susan gyrated around the dance floor with some guy. With several guys in fact. She'd dragged Marty up a couple of times, just to show him to the crowd as she'd said, then some guy had asked her to dance and then another and another. Maybe he gave off some signal that repelled women.

"Hey there sweetie, want to dance? Hello?"

She was cute. Slim but not boyish, with short red hair, blue eyes, and a mischievous sort of smile. And she was apparently talking to him.

"What, me?" he said.

"Yes, you. I saw you up there before, so I know you dance. And it looks like your girlfriend has bailed on you.”

"Just my sister," he said. Sure, show her how pathetic you are, having to go out with your sister. "She wanted to go dancing, so I came along to keep her company."

"Looks like she's getting lot of company,” she said. She held out her hand. "Hi, I'm Drusilla - Dru. And you are?"

"Marty. Martin."

She grabbed his hand and pulled. She was stronger than she looked. "Come on Marty, let's boogie."

And boogie they did. Dru bounced around the dance floor like she was possessed, and, to his surprise, Marty kept up with her. Her enthusiasm seemed infectious, infusing him with more energy that he'd felt in years. Finally there was a break in the rhythm for a slower song, but when he went to leave, Dru pulled him back, reached her arms up around his neck, and laid her head on his shoulder. And in a few beats, the rest of her pressed closer, her not insignificant chest, as well as those mobile hips. His arousal was almost instantaneous, and embarrassing, but when he tried to pull back she just pressed closer.

"Hey, thanks for the compliment Marty. Don't worry, just enjoy the dance."

So he did. It was nice, very nice. His sister managed to catch his eye and gave him a big thumbs up, and he of course blushed.

When the song end, Dru reached up, gave him a quick kiss, and grabbed his hand. "Come on Marty, it's time."

She led him down the hall to the washrooms. Were they going to just sneak into some stall and do it? He'd imagined his first time wold be a little more romantic, but right now he wasn't going to be picky. Dru was way out of his league, but had picked him for some reason, so he'd follow wherever she led him.

Which was past the washrooms, right to the dark end of the corridor, to what looked like an old painted over broom closet door. He was still trying to figure out the logistics of sex in a closet when she opened the door and gave him a little push. Marty tripped on the sill, reached out with his hands, and fell face down. Into pine needles. He was starting to get up when he felt a foot in the middle of his back.

"Not so fast, Marty," said Dru. Or rather she seemed to snarl. "Just stay there, and roll over."

He rolled over in what definitely was pine needles and looked up at stars. Through tree branches. Dru was staring down at him, but it was a different Dru. That smile was more feral than mischievous, and the teeth slightly pointed, as were her ears. Those blue eyes had a red tint, and those curves, while still nice, looked more like solid muscle.

"What, what's happening?" he said. "Where am I? Why...who..."

Dru put a finger to her red lips, a finger that now looked like it ended in a claw. "Welcome to my world, Marty. You're a great dancer once you get going, but I have a feeling you have more to give me than just some energy. Quiet down, and stop shaking. You're like a scared little bunny. Here, let's get rid of these."

She bent down, fiddled with his belt, and yanked at his pants. To his surprise, in spite of his fear, he was ready. Very ready. In seconds she stripped, then straddled him.

"Okay, time for a little gift exchange," she said. "Your virginity - yes, I could sense it earlier- in return for the best and last 30 minutes of your life."

Well, that didn't sound too bad. "Wait," he said. "The last?"

"Yes, sorry," said Dru, "but this usually ends up with me draining all your life force. But it will be a great way to die, don't you think?"

"No way," he cried. He grabbed her arms and tried to push her off but she wouldn't budge. He tried to hit her, but she easily blocked the blows. "Yes Marty, fight me," she said. "Hit me, pinch me."

The more he struggled the wilder she became, and he had to admit, the better it was for him.

It seemed like a lot longer than thirty minutes before Dru finally collapsed on him. "Wow. Okay, I'm done for now," she said. She smiled, then bit his neck. "Time for Plan B."

"Ow," he cried. He wiped his neck - blood. "Plan B?"

"Yes," said Dru. "That's where instead of killing you I convert you. Into one of us. You'll be a new man, with more charm, more charisma, more energy, and I guarantee more fun. Our people visit your world for some diversion, then bring our playthings back here to feed. Can't you feel the difference already?"

She was right. He did feel better, stronger, confident, sexier. "Better than Plan A, I guess."

"Oh, much better," she said. "Now, normally I'd send you home for a week to rest and develop your skills, but I think you're a quick learner. I knew you had this in you – you're just a late bloomer. Grab your pants and follow me. We'll use the same portal and check out the dance again."

She pushed on the faint outline of a door. "They only open for us," she explained. "Let me check first." She peered through. “All clear. Come on sexy, let's go."

His sister was still sitting at the bar, anxiously scanning the crowd. "Marty! Where were you?" Then she saw Drusilla. "Oh, never mind. Good for you little brother." She hugged him, then pulled back, with a confused look on her face. "Marty? You look different. And feel different. Sort of..."

Dru grabbed his arm. "Come on buddy, off limits here. I need to teach you how to control that glam. But the rest of the place is in season, and yours for the picking." She paused, then pointed. "Look, see that mousy little girl over there? Abandoned by her friends? She has real potential. Why don't you see if she'd like to dance?"




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Joyce Juzwik

Marty certainly got the hook-up of a lifetime! I like the idea of the portal right there in the club. It makes things so much easier for them. I mean, the 'buffet' is so handy. This is great fun. Dru and Marty - such a perfect couple.

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