ROW80-2 04/04 - Kickoff
ROW80-2 04/20 - Is it really spring?

ROW80-2 -04/06 -Not springing ahead

I'm referring mostly to the weather. We've had a few double digit days already this year - as in positive celsius digits. Most of the backyard was bare, some greenery was popping up, and the trees were starting to bud out. Then another spring storm popped in today, with maybe 10 cm of snow so far. Plus 8 and rain tomorrow but that's not really the point is it? We don't want any more snow!  IMG_481689857

I didn't make as much writerly progress as I'd hoped for since Monday's goal setting, as my son has been sick. It's up to me to meet the kids after school and babysit them for a while. While I'm there I play a bit and then sit and read, hopefully as a good example! So I did get some reading done, edited a bit, and set up feedback from a fellow author. 


  • Writing - My editing of novel #3 is at about the 75% point (TP4, start of Act III). It's going well.
  • Publishing
    • No new responses from agents, although I did cancel two myself. They were well past their typical response time.  
    • An author friend is willing to read book #2 and give me some feedback. I have pitched it already to agents as-is, and sent one a full, but it still could do with some improvement I'm sure. 
  • Reading/Watching
    • I've started a friend's book, Deadroads, by Robin Riopelle. Demons and Cajuns and ghosts - oh my! I'm also trying to finish last Sunday's New York Times before the next one arrives. 
    • I watched The Family, via Netflix. Mafia boss and family enter witness protection in France. They do not blend in well. It's quite a dark comedy. Stars Robert de Niro, Michelle Pfieffer, and Tommy Lee Jones. I also started the series Hinterland, about a London cop relocated to Wales. Also dark, but funny at times and a good crime series.
    • Video games - back to Wargame: Red Dragon for a bit. 
  • Other - pub with friends, to discuss sports and politics. 


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Eden Mabee

Most anything that involves Tommy Lee Jones, Robert DeNiro and calls itself a comedy will be dark... but likely a LOT of fun. Those two have this edge to them. Sounds like fun.

Sorry to hear your son has been sick and that it's been cutting into your writing just makes it that much worse. I know how far my productivity drops when the Boodle is ill. It's sit on the couch and hug time, not get words written time.

Here's to hoping all will be well soon and your Muse won't have gone out for a beer or two while waiting (though slightly sloshed Muses can be fun at times....)

Have a great week, Mike.

Beth Camp

Spring suddenly kicked in here with pink and white blossoms everywhere and frogs singing at twilight and dawn. Pretty nice switch from earlier snow. Hope that spring really does occur where you are up north. What else would make any writer happier? News that the writing "is going well." Hope the coming week is as good . . . and now I wish I had Netflix.

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