ROW80-2 04/20 - Is it really spring?
Skeletons and Kisses

ROW80-2 04/27 - What? Minus 5??

I know my last posts have seemed obsessed with the weather, but we seem to have so much of it lately. Wargame
Cold again tonight, but at least no snow in the forecast. Weather is one of the things I need to remember to add to my novels - not just as background to add to a scene, but sometimes as a driving factor in the action or motivation. More weather, as well as some local smells and sounds, what a room looks like, what a chair feels like. Not as much as a Victorian novel, but enough to add depth.

The past week I've visited my grandson for his birthday, started a new course, edited a bit, read some more, and played a lot of Wargame with my son. We have each settled on a basic set of units, that will hopefully be flexible enough for most
scenarios, and will now work on our strategy in games.   

Status update:


  • Writing - I'm still very slowly editing novel #3. Apparently a new laptop hasn't really helped much so far. 
  • Publishing
    • I've heard nothing more from agents. I suspect I'll have to go ahead with my planned edits and submit to a new list.
  • Reading/Watching
    • Finished my friend's book, Deadroads. I loved it, and have persuaded my book club to read it too. 
    • I'm still re-watching Bones. Almost done Season 1. And I'm midway through Season 5 of Scandal
    • Video games - still playing Wargame: Red Dragon. We're getting stomped, but we are learning I think.
    • I started an online course from Futurelearn, Shakespeare and His World. It's interesting content, but a lot of the presentation is someone talking to the camera, in a slow and methodical voice. Good thing there's a 1.5 speed button on the viewer. 
  • Other
    • Again to pub with friends, to discuss sports and politics. Teeth cleaned


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Eden Mabee

The weather. yeah, it does seem to be rather omni-present these days. :-D

I actually adored the Shakespeare and His World course via Futurelearn. I mean, yes, the course lessons are very slow to listen to, but sometimes it's helpful, especially when John Bates starts mentioning names and histories. And he does pack a lot of info into the course.

Hope you enjoy it in the long run. The best part is, the class info never goes away unless you "leave" the lass. If you finish it, you're always a part of it

ReGi McClain

I think I'm gonna have the giggles over the 1.5 speed button on the professor for a day or two. :-)

Editing ugh. Slow, slow process, sometimes.

While the Lower 48 has been dealing with lots of weather, we've had rather less than usual in Alaska. Everything melted last month! Usually winter is still evident until mid-May.

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