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ROW80-2 - 05/08 -Spring is bustin' out all over

In the few days I've been in Toronto the tree buds have gone from possibilities of spring to actual leaves, leaves that seem to be growing as we watch. The birds are out in force too, building nests and being very territorial. We watched a little to-do between a couple of sparrows, bitch-slapping each other with their wings until one decided the next yard looked just as nice after all. There's been the threat of rain a few times, but mostly sunny days - up to 19c yesterday in fact. The Sweat Bees have been out - cute little things. Evenings are often wine, a log fire, and hockey - the Punjabi version on Omni. It's complicated, but suffice it to say we need the background sound of real play-by-play commentators, as opposed to the ramblings the Rogers coverage often has. These guys on Omni intersperse English for the player's names and hockey terms, but add the flow and excitement of old-style commentators.

We've been to the AGO to see a great exhibit, The Outsiders, featuring American photography and film from the 1950-1980's. It's featured as part of Toronto's annual Contact  photo festival. As part of the festival we met up with my sister and toured the exhibits in The Junction - always a great destination. I've brought my new laptop and borrowed the landlady's wi-fi, so have been able to keep up my writing while here. 

Speaking of which, my status:

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The Girl Who Surfed Tsunamis

I did another Flash Fiction challenge this week. This one was from Chuck Wendig's Terrible Minds site. We were to pick a title from a list of ten that his readers had suggested and write about 1000 words from that idea.

The titles were:

  Still Turnstiles at Station 6 (Lori Schechter)
 The Girl Who Surfed Tsunamis (Christopher)
 Murder and Wine and the Oblong Door (Migo)
 The Blood Lottery (Marion)
 A Pretentious Title For a Pretentious Story (thisdamkid)
 The Blind Tattooist (Russell)
 Jeremy Pocket and the See-Through Wall (Naomi)
 Malwhere (cjaybee)
 I’m In Love With A Zombie But He Doesn’t Even Know I’m Alive
 They Sat Outside Eating Cake (Tom Byrne)
My random choice was the second one, The Girl Who Surfed Tsunamis. It's a little long, at 1200 words, but will do for now. Enjoy.

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ROW80-2 -05/04 - a mini-vacation

I'm in Toronto now, for a week, visiting my ginger-haired sweetie. Today was cool in the shade, but lovely in the sun. Nice weather to visit some local shops then retire to a sunny backyard, cool drinks at hand, pen and notebook ready for inspiration. I did finish a short story, and did some planning on others, but the past few days in Ottawa were focused on doing my taxes. And playing video games with my son. I have my new laptop with me, so can do updates and writing for a bit each day. I even have Scrivener on this, so can edit if so inclined.

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Skeletons and Kisses

This week's challenge from Flash Fiction Friday was to 'bring on the flowers and candy'. Wingorwing99It was to be a romance,
dark or light, our choice.

I was inspired by an image a friend posted online, by Wingorwing99. It shows a mermaid seducing someone, with the bones of her other victims beneath the water. Or maybe it shows something different. I tried to put a different spin on the story. I hope you like it. 

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