Skeletons and Kisses
The Girl Who Surfed Tsunamis

ROW80-2 -05/04 - a mini-vacation

I'm in Toronto now, for a week, visiting my ginger-haired sweetie. Today was cool in the shade, but lovely in the sun. Nice weather to visit some local shops then retire to a sunny backyard, cool drinks at hand, pen and notebook ready for inspiration. I did finish a short story, and did some planning on others, but the past few days in Ottawa were focused on doing my taxes. And playing video games with my son. I have my new laptop with me, so can do updates and writing for a bit each day. I even have Scrivener on this, so can edit if so inclined.


  • Writing
    • No editing lately. Soon.
    • I did a Flash Fiction Story for this Friday, Skeletons and Kisses. A romance, sort of. 
    • I went to the monthly meeting of MONDSFF, our Monday Night Sci-fi/Fantasy critique group. As always, good feedback on my story ideas, and a chance to help others out. 
  • Publishing
    • Again, heard nothing more from agents. I think those that do reply have by now. 
  • Reading/Watching
    • Read Neptunes Brood, by Charles Stross. A space opera, blending androids and forensic accounting. It was better than that sounds, honest.  
    • I' finished with Season 5 of Scandal on Netflix. And I'm watching other random things, like She's Funny That Way, and Look Who's Back. 
    • Video games - still playing Wargame: Red Dragon with my son. He's taping them too.
    • Not sure about my online course, Shakespeare and His World. It's interesting content, but now we have to start reading the plays. And I always found that hard, what with every few lines having to refer to the footnotes. 
  • Other
    • Taxes! I used Turbotax, and there's a link that lets you import the data on income from CRA, since they have all the stuff on T3, T4, T5008, etc. But I needed adjusted cost bases form my broker, and had to figure out where it all went then. And I owe! 


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AmyBeth Inverness

Are the tulips blooming? I want to see the tulips! My father is from Toronto and we have family back there. The last time I was in Ontario we were in Ottowa, just a little too early for the tulips.

Eden Mabee

Oh, sorry you're having an issue with the S&HW class. Though, for the record... you don't have to read the plays (it can help, but trust me, you don't have to). Watch a production or listen to a Librivox audiobook of the plays. The exact details aren't as important as the tone--and you'll get many of the details in the lessons.

Cool on the short, Mike. Off to check that out next.

Have you tried sending a gentle reminder email/letter to these agents or simply a "I would like to send this piece on to another agent and would like it returned" thingie?

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