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ROW80-2 - 06/28 -What? I missed the party at the end?

Looks like this ROW is over and I didn't even notice!  I have been editing, off and on, as well as reading and watching yet another TV series - The Tunnel. 

  • Writing
    • Editing - I'm finishing another pass on Return to Kirk's Landing, before passing it on to my publisher at the end of July. He's lined up some beta readers to check it out. Then I can look at Agnes of Grimm while I'm waiting for feedback. 
  • Publishing/Marketing
    • My critique group is on hold for the summer I think, but I did recommend to them - and reread myself - The Writing and Critique Group Survival Guide, by Becky Levine. It covers how to form a group, and then how to critique. Some great tips on what to look for, in areas such as plot, character, scenes, etc. And some worksheets. It's helping me tighten up this book. 
    • I reviewed a submission for 'our' press, Deux Voiliers, but advised that we pass, with a nice form letter. I don't think the writer would like my comments as is. 

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ROW80-2 -06/15 - publishing plan

As mentioned in my last post a week or so ago, I've been looking for a way to get my second novel published, and have decided to go with my original publisher, Deux Voiliers Publishing. 'We' are a co-op type of arrangement, and usually look at new authors only, but will do this sequel too.  The timetable is for me to add my last changes by month end, then it goes to a couple of our members for a beta pass, then copy edit, then line edit, final proof, and layout. IWe have some cover ideas too, so I'll roam with my camera. We'll publish via Amazon/Createspace to do the first few copies, and also get up on Ingram/Spark once the bugs are ironed out. For a large run we'll stay local, with Canadian prices, likely with Gauvin Press

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ROW80-2 - 06/05 - Some changes

It's definitely been a while since my last check in, but I have made some writing progress, and have redefined some goals. My girlfriend is up for another visit - via Via Rail of course - but as it's a rainy day here in Ottawa I'll do some catching up while she does some reading and takes a nap' It's a good relationship when you can be together, but doing separate things. 

I've decided to refocus my editing/publishing. My first book was published by a local micro-press that specializes in first time authors. I was searching for an agent for book #2, Return to Kirk's Landing, and have had about 20 queries out there for several months. With a few 'not a fit for me' responses, and silence from the rest. I asked a respected agent and blogger, Janet Reid, if perhaps the problem was that is was a sequel. She confirmed, on her blog, that she thought so, and recommended that I focus on my other books. As did many of the thoughtful commenters. So that's my new plan.  

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