ROW80-2 - 05/08 -Spring is bustin' out all over
ROW80-2 -06/15 - publishing plan

ROW80-2 - 06/05 - Some changes

It's definitely been a while since my last check in, but I have made some writing progress, and have redefined some goals. My girlfriend is up for another visit - via Via Rail of course - but as it's a rainy day here in Ottawa I'll do some catching up while she does some reading and takes a nap' It's a good relationship when you can be together, but doing separate things. 

I've decided to refocus my editing/publishing. My first book was published by a local micro-press that specializes in first time authors. I was searching for an agent for book #2, Return to Kirk's Landing, and have had about 20 queries out there for several months. With a few 'not a fit for me' responses, and silence from the rest. I asked a respected agent and blogger, Janet Reid, if perhaps the problem was that is was a sequel. She confirmed, on her blog, that she thought so, and recommended that I focus on my other books. As did many of the thoughtful commenters. So that's my new plan.  

Here's my status:

  • Writing
    • Editing - I will do another quick pass of Return to Kirk's Landing, before passing it on to my publisher. Then, a print out of Agnes of Grimm, my fantasy novel, so that my friend (a former editor) can check it out. 
  • Publishing/Marketing
    • We had another successful Prose in the Park writer's festival yesterday. I only sold one book, but I also heard some interesting speakers, reconnected with friends, and networked with some writers and some publishers.
    • Kirk's Landing - I will need more copies, but will likley publish via Ingram/Sparks 
    • Return to Kirk's Landing - I'll start the ball rolling on publishing book #2 with Deux Voiliers Publishing
    • Agnes of Grimm - once editing is done, I'll start on the agent route again. I'll still use QueryTracker
    • NaNoWriMo - It's not until November but I need to start thinking about it.
    • Black Ship Books will be publishing four of my Flash Fiction stories in an anthology later this year. Yay! 
    • Related to that, I have over 100 stories that could be sent out into the FF market. I just need to get at it. I think I'll use my Duotrope account to track that. 
  • Reading/Watching
    • I got hooked on Robin Hobb's for part series, Rain Wild Chronicles. I've read Dragonkeeper, and Dragon Haven, and book #3 of 4, City of Dragons, is sitting on the table, waiting. 
    • My book club reviewed - and enjoyed - Deadroads, by Robin Riopelle. Review to follow. Our next book is Only Time Will Tell, by Jeffrey Archer.
  • Other
    • We've had lots of sunny shorts days but enough showers here and there that my mystery garden does well too. The wildflower seeds I scattered are sprouting among the weeds, and I planted some daffodils as well as some raspberry canes. The top 4 inches out there is 80% gravel, but I did find dirt under that, and added potting soil. Luckily I bought a sturdy trowel.
    • Gaming - Wargame Red Dragon had another big sale, so there are lots of noobies online now. Even newer than me. My son and I are focusing on one 'deck' of units, and only a few maps, so that we can develop our tactical skills. And remember which key does what. We did a training session online too, with some pros - I did pretty bad, In addition, my Euro Truck Simulator program rolled out a major update, so I had to track down updated versions of the various mods I had added before. It's not as exciting a game for me as it used to be. 
    • Socially I've visited both kids - and grandkids - for hugs and stories. As well as my friends at my two local pubs, although my budget for that has been cut back. I've also switched to cans of 0.5% grocery store beer, for those evenings when I sit here writing and/or gaming and just want a cool fizzy drink. Not much flavour to it, but it's half the calories and a third of the price. 





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Chris Loehmer Kincaid

It's good to hear from you. Glad you were able to check in this week.
Sounds like you are making head-way towards publication. Sometimes we need to switch gears to make it all work out.
Good luck in the coming weeks.

Shan Jeniah Burton

Mike -

I so agree with the 'together but doing separate things' relationship being a good thing. My Accomplice and I have that - we've got plenty of common interests, but also each have others that are our own. I love days when we go about our own business, and intersect orbits throughout the day. The neat thing is that, as the kids are getting older, they're doing the same thing.

Sounds like you've got a workable plan. Wishing you all the best as you pursue it.


Lost the entire comment trying to sign in some way . . . guess I'm supposed to do that first. But congrats on making good progress on the publishing/marketing area as well as writing. Enjoy the summer with family and friends and writing. Re gaming, we're pretty hooked on Farmville over here, though that's not as complicated as Red Dragon. And there's always the writing.

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