ROW80-2 -06/15 - publishing plan
ROW80-3 07/04 - Goal? To get stuff done

ROW80-2 - 06/28 -What? I missed the party at the end?

Looks like this ROW is over and I didn't even notice!  I have been editing, off and on, as well as reading and watching yet another TV series - The Tunnel. 

  • Writing
    • Editing - I'm finishing another pass on Return to Kirk's Landing, before passing it on to my publisher at the end of July. He's lined up some beta readers to check it out. Then I can look at Agnes of Grimm while I'm waiting for feedback. 
  • Publishing/Marketing
    • My critique group is on hold for the summer I think, but I did recommend to them - and reread myself - The Writing and Critique Group Survival Guide, by Becky Levine. It covers how to form a group, and then how to critique. Some great tips on what to look for, in areas such as plot, character, scenes, etc. And some worksheets. It's helping me tighten up this book. 
    • I reviewed a submission for 'our' press, Deux Voiliers, but advised that we pass, with a nice form letter. I don't think the writer would like my comments as is. 
  • Reading/Watching
    • Finished Blood of Dragons. 
    • I'm watching The Tunnel, a joint British-French detective story. Very good. 
  • Other
    • The landlord next door whipper-snippered around his place, and thought he'd do my landlady a favour by doing her back yard. He assumed was weeds. There were some there, probably, but most of the 6" high greenery was from the two bags of wild flower seed I'd scattered. So I've seeded again, and watered in. 
    • Gaming - More ETS truck trips, of course. 
    • Social - I didn't organize anything for Fathers day, so I didn't get taken out for dinner. But I did get a nice prezzie - a wi-fi repeater, so that I can use my laptop out back. 
  • Next ROW? My guesses so far would be:

    • Incorporate feedback for Return to KL
    • Edit Agnes of Grimm, with the aim of shopping it out to agents.
    • Read more of my TBR shelf
    • Write more Flash Fiction. I need to collect ideas for NaNoWriMo
    • NaNoWriMo -pick a topic.
    • Get more exercise, and do some day trips in the area.
    • To do all the above - try to set up some sort of routine. 



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