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ROW80-3 - 07/28 -Getting Stuff Done

That was my goal, so I guess I'm doing okay. I did get my friend's feedback on my novel - lots of it! We talked for four hours in a cafe, plus she did detailed annotations on the text and added several pages summarizing our earlier conversation. Wow! So, of course, I have been editing. But also reading and playing games and spending time with my girlfriend and my family. And I had a birthday too - so - stuff done.

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ROW80-3 -07/06 -Random stuff

Well, my back is better and I could start getting into a real schedule this time. But I haven't yet. I've edited a bit, read a lot, done some chores, and played some games.

Stuff I did:

  • Publishing
    • Some editing. I've cleared enough of a dresser top for my laptop, so I now have a stand-up desk for some variety.
    • A friend is doing a beta read for me, and hopes to be done by Sunday, so I'm just leaving notes and suggestions for myself for now. 
  • Writing - does a post card to my girlfriend count? I did write fairly small. 

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ROW80-3 07/04 - Goal? To get stuff done

I guess that should be to get the RIGHT stuff done, as opposed to whatever sparkly thing catches my eye. Being out of the 9-5 rat-race does give one the freedom to structure the day anyway one wants. Or be creative and just see where it takes one. However, for me that second option often means a day filled with reading at a cafe, having drinks with friends, watching Netflix, and playing video games. Nothing wrong with that, but I do realize that if I peel off that label of 'freedom to be creative as I dance through the summer fields tra-la tra-la', underneath it just says, in big glaring letters, PROCRASTINATION. 

Procrastination from the actual editing and writing I want to get done, as well as some writerly reading. I have in fact been able to structure things in the distant past and achieve specific goals, so I know it's do-able. I did see the links on the ROW80 page for Pacemaker, but I'm reluctant to distract myself with a new toy. I think I already have what I need. I have a newish laptop, with Scrivener, that I can use separate from my office pc. I've set up a big table in the living room, by the window, with a view of some trees, rooftops, and the sky. I have Pomodoro Focus Keeper on my iPhone to set up my 25/5 minutes schedule for work and rest. I think 4x25 will do for a start, as it's more than I do so far. I also have a publisher for my current novel to nag me to meet deadlines, plus a literary girlfriend to nudge me too. 

So, here are my objectives for this Round:

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