ROW80-3 -07/06 -Random stuff
ROW80-3 -08/17 -Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man

ROW80-3 - 07/28 -Getting Stuff Done

That was my goal, so I guess I'm doing okay. I did get my friend's feedback on my novel - lots of it! We talked for four hours in a cafe, plus she did detailed annotations on the text and added several pages summarizing our earlier conversation. Wow! So, of course, I have been editing. But also reading and playing games and spending time with my girlfriend and my family. And I had a birthday too - so - stuff done.


  • Publishing
    • As noted, I have some great feedback so have been spending time reviewing it all and making my own notes in my text.
    • Four of my flash fiction stories  have been published in Spark: A Flash Fiction Anthology. On Amazon Kindle so far, but print edition to follow. Feel free to buy, read, and rave about in reviews! 
  • Writing - Alas, no.
  • Reading
    • I finished reviewing the novels for the Aurora Awards, as well as some of the other categories. And I voted. 
    • I started, and didn't finish, The Night Manager, by Le Carre. I couldn't really get into it, so gave up around page 60. On my list of books to be tried again. I did finish, and much enjoyed, The True Meaning of Smek Day. It's a YA, but it was quite entertaining. 
    • I've started the Saturday Globe and Mail and the Sunday New York Times again. It sometimes takes me several days to read it all, but It's worth it. 
  • Exercise
    • My back is finally pain-free, although I'm still careful with it. It's been stinking hot, so I haven't been out walking as much as I'd planned.
    • My girlfriend brought about 8 plants from her garden, plus more seeds, so we gardened a bit. Now I'm weeding and watering. 
  • Games - Lots of Eurotruck, upgrading the various add-ons, and exploring new cities. Hardly any Wargame. Too chicken to jump into a group game by myself, so I need to coordinate with my son.
  • Online - I watched Stranger Things on Netflix - excellent. And I'm almost finished The Hour on there too - again, very good. 
  • Social - Another great (but short) visit by my girlfriend, in time for my birthday. Yay! I had my kids over with their families to help me celebrate, then had just a drop in sort of thing in the afternoon. I asked at least 40, maybe 1/3 confirmed, but only about eight showed up. I was disappointed, as it was my 70th after all. She did take me out for dinner, at a quiet romantic fancy Italian restaurant. That was nice. 


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