ROW80-3 -08/17 -Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man
Well Done

ROW80-3 -08/24 -Mellowed out

I'm in Toronto at my gf's for a week, mellowing out. Not that my normal week is that hectic, but this has been mostly time to hang out together, drink craft beer/cider in the backyard, reading the Globe/NYT on the front porch, going on the occasional jaunt for shopping or just to a cafe, and - sometimes - writing and editing. I have been editing my second novel, reviewing each scene, adding meta-data to track things better in Scrivener, blending in suggestions from beta readers.


  • Editing - finally some progress, although my home setup with multiple screens is easier to use.
  • Writing- Sigh. None, really. 
  • Publishing - 'my' press, Deux Voiliers, is a volunteer affair, so  I've been asked to proofread another novel. I'm reasonably literate, but don't know the rule behind what sounds right or wrong. It will be interesting. 
  • Social - visits with both sisters while here in Toronto That was nice. Checked out some new pubs and cafes too, and met some interesting people.
  • Videos and games - We watched the Tragically Hip concert from Kingston via CBC. Live, no commercials. That's the sort of thing I want my public broadcaster to do. I'd not been a big fan and had never seen them in concert but we really enjoyed the three hours. I'm also awaiting some patched to the game No Man's Sky, for when I return home. 
  • Other - my ears got plugged with wax, once worse than the other, so I know what my gf feels like. Clinic fixed me up. 



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Shan Jeniah Burton

Some is better than none. And love - well, love is best.

May you have a delightful week with your love. My Accomplice and I celebrated our nineteenth anniversary on Tuesday. It feels like it whizzed by - and like we've always been together, at the same time.

Elizabeth Toll

Your multiple screen set up sounds like the sort of system I would enjoy editing at too.

My sympathy where your ears are concerned. I'm having ear issues too. The ragweed is blooming down here in AR, which may be the problem. I probably ought to follow your example and have my ears looked at too.

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