Well Done
ROW80-3 - 09/21 - Worst session ever?

ROW80-3 -8/31 -Last Chance

Okay, I really need to get this novel edited and out to my publisher. So - last chance here. I'll create my own NaNoEdMo and commit to spending September editing. 30 days, 2 hours a day - unless I want to do more of course. I'll have to hide my controller for EuroTruck Simulator, and maybe disable Netflix for the month, but I just might be able to do this. I've been getting to bed a little earlier, and rising earlier, so that may help.

Status since 08/24:

  • Editing - bits here and there. Not a concerted effort. Hopefully, that will change.
  • Writing- Yes! I did a quick story for Flash Fiction Friday, called Well Done. It's a medical thriller.
  • Publishing - None yet, but my publisher did give me a nudge the other day. 
  • Social - My son and his kids have all had the flu, one after another, so I'm staying away. I hope to visit my daughter, as I promised to paint the front railing of their place. 
  • Videos and games
    • More EuroTruck - the Barcelona area is lovely. Giving up on my No Man's Sky game for now. Still some bugs, and many features that were promised are still missing. Refunds are not available.
    •   I've been watching Touch and Doctor Who (season 8) on Netflix, and just started Aquarius. Distracting.
  • Reading - Besides the Saturday Globe and Mail, and the New York Times, I've been working my way through 10:04 and So Long Marianne.  


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Beth Camp

Nicely focused update! Mine always seem to wander, but I'm with you 100% on finishing the current wip. When I edit, I tend to get pulled down into micro editing -- a very slow process. What's helped me look at the whole story structurally is to outline every chapter (5 sections). I've got only 9 more to go before diving into what will hopefully be the last edit, with publishing late 2016 or early 2017. So, all else you report seems in balance. Perseverance furthers! Looking forward to your next progress report!

Shan Jeniah Burton

Love the new dedication, Mike! If you don't get there, this month, you'll be closer, anyway!

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