ROW80-1 15/01/17 - Some progress

ROW80 -1 - 01/08 -First check in of 2017

These were the goals I'd set for this year.

  • write
  • write better
  • publish
  • enjoy life
  • stay healthy

I'll expand on some objectives and add my status:

  • Write - Too bad the weekly challenges for Flash Fiction Friday are done, but participation had fallen off. I do have a number of challenges left over from the last few years, as I skipped a few. TerribleMinds is still an active site too, with a lot of participants. Not a lot of feedback though. I could aim to write every other week.
  • Write better - I've set up a critique group in a local sci-fi/fantasy group. That's a once a month thing. I also have a series of blogs on writing/editing/publishing I follow via Feedley, with 4-5 postings in it a day. Target is to keep up to date. I'd also like to learn about script-writing - so that's books and groups. 
  • Publish - I did publish my second book, in December, Return to Kirk's Landing, so now this also includes Marketing. Objectives? Update my blog intro to show my books. Set up signings at four local Chapters stores. Get out to all libraries on my list (I did this for Kirk's Landing too). Edit and submit and publish my next book - I have four drafts to choose from. 
  • Enjoy life and stay healthy - I have good friends locally, a sweetie in Toronto, and enough money to feed myself, stay warm, and visit my local. Plus Netflix, and a fun video game, ETS, as well as a nearby library. Walking more would help. 10,000 brisk steps a day would be a nice target, but 5,000 not so brisk ones is more reachable for now. Plus my daily back exercises, done every time I wait for a coffee to drip through my filter.


  • Write -I finished the final entry, Saved, for Flash Fiction Friday.
  •  Write better
    • I have started reading the first three critique submissions. Rough in places, but I feel that identifying those weaknesses and suggesting a fix will help my own writing.
    • Feedley - already a week behind ;-) I just need to give up some FB status check time. 
  • Publish
    • Libraries -Teck Centennial Library, in my home town of Kirkland Lake, has bought my second book too. 
    • Signings - I've contacted a local Chapters store, as well as my publisher to determine the logistics - timing, ordering path, etc. 
  • Enjoy - Netflix -No Tomorrow, Mr. Right, Crazyhead - all interesting. Games - new map released for southern Russia, more detailed and challenging. Had considered buying the updated Skyrim, but watched some Youtube - not for me. Walking - not enough. Bloody cold, but I did grow up in the North. 


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Beth Camp

Nice to see your progress on your goals for 2017. One area I'd like to do better is to more consistently connect with other folks in ROW80 and IWSG. I got a surprise this morning at The Warrior's Muse as she lists possible markets for short fiction, especially scifi, so you might be interested.
Meanwhile,write on and may 2017 bring you much good.


Thx - will check it out.

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