ROW80 -1 - 01/08 -First check in of 2017
ROW80-1 -25/01/17 -From the train

ROW80-1 15/01/17 - Some progress

This was actually a fairly writerly week - who knew? My biggest success was my critique group, followed by some heavy duty library promotion and ground work for book signings. 


  • Write
    • Okay, none, but I am deciding on my next book to edit. Probably Ghost in the Machine. Summary - When a man's wife dies, his immediate goal is to adjust to his loss. However, her consciousness is preserved in an online AI - an advanced version of iPhone's Siri she helped develop - so she's neither dead nor alive.
    • Software - do I continue with Scrivener or try yWriter? The latter has a number of tracking tools - dates, arcs, etc - I'd like to try.
  •  Write better
    • Our Monday meeting group discussed all four submissions. We wandered a bit and didn't always keep to one critiquer at a time, but I think all liked the feedback we got. We'll try again, and tighten up the rules a bit. 
    • Feedley - up to date on the blogs I follow.
    • Groups - I joined a local Crime Writer's group. I'll see how well they accept someone that mixes in a bit of supernatural - some assume I'll use it to cheat. 
  • Publish/market
    • Libraries
      • Return to Kirk's Landing is now listed for the library, in my home town of Kirkland Lake.
      • I cloned my library list from before, and started sending out requests to them to stock my book.
      • I went through my FB contacts, identified who was where, and sent messages to about 40 of them, asking that they request my book from their local library.  
    • Signings - My first Chapters contact declined, because they are doing major renovations. You'd think they'd want ways to attract customers. They also claimed that their database shows me that is available ONLY online there, so all would be on consignment. So of course no sales tracking via sites like Book Manager. I'm at 55% discount/returnable with Ingram Books (distributor) and they confirmed any store should be able to order. I've a call in to Chapters 2nd level support now. 
  • Reading - My book club did Missing you, by Harlan Coben. We liked it, and gave is a 4/5. And they bought two copies of my book! 
  • Enjoy
    • Netflix - I finished up the episodes online for No Tomorrow. It's good. Watched Jupiter Ascending, which was so so, and Genius, which was excellent.
    • Games - more driving in southern Russia. Very satisfying. 
    • Social - a new pub, new friends. Nice place, but it is a sports bar.  
  • Comments

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