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ROW80-1 -25/01/17 -From the train

I posted this to ROW80 FB 10 days ago from the VIA rail train, on my way to Toronto. Never did add it to my blog, so here you go . . .

I'm not sure if this counts as last Sunday’s check in or next Wednesday’s. No matter. I'm enjoying the freedom of not having pressure to write or edit. Or, at least, not right away. I do dabble in some flash fiction, just to rough draft stage, and I've picked my next drafted novel to edit, but no timeline, no editors or agents.
My main writerly focus is to market my latest novel, Return to Kirk’s Landing. As in getting reviews, contacting libraries, doing signings, and flogging to friends. So far, between review copies, gifts, contests, and friends, I've used up my initial stock of 60. Yay me!

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