ROW80-1 -25/01/17 -From the train
ROW80-1 - 01/03 -Wandering By

ROW80-1 05/02/17 -Probably time for another update

It's been a couple of weeks since my last check in. Not a lot of progress, but I'll add what I have. Winter is fading, days are longer, the weather is warming up, but I still do have a bit of the blahs. I did spend another week in Toronto with my sweetie, so that was good!


  • Write- I did do a good outline for a story based on a Terrible Minds  prompt for Hope in the Face of Hopelessness. But that was all. Perhaps it will get written someday. 
  • Write better
    • I submitted a part of a story to our Sci-fi/Fantasy critique group, as did two others. I've finished one critique, and am part way through the other. It's good practice.
    • My publisher asked me to beta read his first novel. Again, good practice. He has a list of some 20 suggestions for what we could look for, and 21 beta readers to look at the PDF, so he will likely have a wide selection of ideas to consider. 
  • Publish
    • Reviews - A friend has published one for the Ottawa Review of Books, and there is another one waiting to be included on the APT613 arts site. 
    • Sales - Since all 60 of my initial order are gone, I need to order more. After I review carefully for typos. 
  • Reading
    • I tried to read Time Travel, by James Gleick, Well recommended, but I only got to page 50. Maybe another time. 
    • I subscribe to the New Yorker. Great articles, but I keep falling behind. I also have a NYT digital subscription, so read a lot of their stuff. 
  • Other stuff
    • Social - trip to Toronto to see my girlfriend. We had a nice lunch with my sister too.
    • News and stuff. OMG. Two weeks into the presidency and it just keeps getting weirder. 
    • Netflix- lots. Santa Barbra Diet is pretty good.  
    • Games - Some EuroTruck Simulator, but not as much. 




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