ROW80-1 15/01/17 - Some progress
ROW80-1 05/02/17 -Probably time for another update

ROW80-1 -25/01/17 -From the train

I posted this to ROW80 FB 10 days ago from the VIA rail train, on my way to Toronto. Never did add it to my blog, so here you go . . .

I'm not sure if this counts as last Sunday’s check in or next Wednesday’s. No matter. I'm enjoying the freedom of not having pressure to write or edit. Or, at least, not right away. I do dabble in some flash fiction, just to rough draft stage, and I've picked my next drafted novel to edit, but no timeline, no editors or agents.
My main writerly focus is to market my latest novel, Return to Kirk’s Landing. As in getting reviews, contacting libraries, doing signings, and flogging to friends. So far, between review copies, gifts, contests, and friends, I've used up my initial stock of 60. Yay me!


  • Write- as mentioned, dabbling. Terrible Minds had a prompt for Hope in the Face of Hopelessness. Perhaps inspired by the Inauguration- otherwise known as the National Day of Patriotic Devotion. A title inspired by North Korea no doubt. My story is about someone who’s strong hopes for things actually influence outcomes. She initially hopes for good things, then switches to bad. Which is fine, because hope is amoral.
  • Write better - our critique group went well, so I sent a reminder of the structure we should follow (we digressed occasionally) and asked for more for February.
  • Publish
    • Libraries -I've asked people to request themselves, but need to also do so as an author.
    • Reviews - these help sales in general, as well as my library requests. Goodreads is the best place, so have one good long one so far. And reminders to friends.
    • Signings - not a lot of response so far. I may have problems with Chapters. They order wholesale from Ingram for online sales, and should be able to do that for in store too, but so far can't. Stay tuned.
    • Sales - All 60 of my initial order are gone. Some to reviewers, some gifts, some for award contests, and some as actual sales to friends and families.
  • Reading - I finished, and recommend, The Strange Adventures of Ranger Girl.
  • Other stuff - not writerly but I'll capture here
  • Online
    • News and stuff. OMG. Facebook is busy enough but this past week has been crazy. Inauguration, Woman's March, alternate facts- what interesting times we live in. I set up an IFTTT to notify me when Trump and/or POTUS tweets, and I bought a digital subscription to support the Washington Post.
    • Netflix- lots of things to tempt me. I'd list from my history but most are started then dropped. Gems are few and far between.
    • Games - More EuroTruck Simulator. Now driving a Kamaz 360 hp with 5.55 rear end, in Russia. East of the Black Sea. A good challenge with heavy loads, up and down hills. And up and down the 14 + 2 gearbox. Going back to my 5 speed Mazda is different.



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