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ROW80-1 - 01/03 -Wandering By

I've really lost the twice a week check-in habit here, haven't I? Second book is out, I'm waiting for more copies before promotion, winter is fading away and spring is being shy. Basically, I'm in a holding pattern, but I have been doing 'stuff' I guess. Some writerly stuff, but I'll add everything here just to track it.


  • Write- Other than this post, and a lot of commenting on The Facebook - nope. 
  • Write better
    • Our Sci-fi/Fantasy critique group reviewed my book, along with two others. I got some good suggestions and gave some. Also got some peculiar feedback at times. Oh well, different folks, different ideas. And some needed a lot more work than others.  
    • I finished the beta read of my publisher's next novel. Good practice for me, but took a loooong time. 
  • Publish 
    • Return to Kirk's Landing - will promote to libraries and at book signings once the edited version is reprinted in a week or so.
    • Kirk's Landing - I got another check from the Canada Council Public Lending Rights program. They found it in 4/7 'random' libraries, so sent me $200. The form is there for me to register my second book.
    • Ghost in the Machine - my next book I think. Draft was done in 2013. I've sent it out, basically as is, to some beta readers. 
    • Sales - About 50 copies of book #2 sold, mostly locally. Some ebooks for book#1 too. 
  • Reading
    • Book club - we read, and enjoyed, The Renegade: Robert the Bruce, by Whyte
    • Read, and loved, The Naturalist. Now reading The Alienist. 
    • I'm still a few weeks behind with the New Yorker but I'm catching up. Also enjoying my Washington Post digital subscription, and passed the extra one on to my son-in-law. i
  • Other stuff
    • Social - My new local seems to be The Wood. Just a new crowd for a change, and some interesting convos. And it's a sports bar ;-) Today my girlfriend arrives for a week, so my cleaning frenzy starts shortly. 
    • Babysat over at my daughter's while she hid/rested upstairs with her newest, and I also had some visits at my son's place. 
    • News and stuff. Still OMG from the US.  
    • Fitness - I switched from beer to cider at home. I tend to sip it more, which is a good thing. And less pub visits too. As for exercise - when the weather is nice I do get out more and explore the new shops opening farther down the main drag.
    • Netflix- lots. Finished Santa Barbra Diet - excellent. Waiting for Season 2. I also very much enjoyed Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, especially Fiona Dourif's performance. Season 2? Soon? Scandal is in Season 6 now, and being doled out one episode at a time. No binge watching here, just a lot of teasing. Silver Spoon is a Russian made cop series, with subtitles, bad acting and a silly plot at times. But I still keep going back to it. 
    • Games - Some EuroTruck Simulator. Corresponding with one of the modders about more tweaks. Also watched some Wargame replays, and played one game! Started a new game too, 911 Operator.
    • Tunes - I'm using Spotify a lot more, mainly for background around the house. Such as Cuban Jazz.  



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Eden Mabee

Getting back on track with the twice weekly check-ins is harder than it seems like it should be. I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't just surrender and check-in only once a week. Then I remember... I really should spend less time on Facebook anyway. ;-)

BTW, Ghost in The Machine is an awesome anime. Not so sure about the new movie they're making with Scarlet Johansen in it, but I loved the original anime movie.


I just liked the title when I was creating the story. But it is a cool concept - woman trapped in the 'cloud' basically.

Author of Kirk's Landing, and Return to Kirk's Landing, published by Deux Voiliers Publishing and available as paperback from Amazon or Chapters, or ebook, or from your local bookstore.

Shan Jeniah Burton

Oh, Mike. I wish it wasn't so, but you got this so absolutely right:

News and stuff. Still OMG from the US.

That just about sums it up. I'm glad to know people who live in saner, kinder places!

Since you've got better company than I am, I expect you won't see this for a few days - but it's always nice when you wander by.

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