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ROW80-4 Goals

Apparently, we are starting again. So I need goals.

But first, a little update on my writer's retreat. We're in an old (1864) stonewalled Schoolhouse. Outside Stirling Ontario (1858). Very quiet. I get up early and sit outside with coffee, a magazine, notebook, and seeds for the chipmunks. I stare off into space, wave at the neighbours as they drive by in cars or tractors, and work on my NaNoWriMo novel. Same idea, The Game, maybe the future dreaming idea. Trying to add some sub-plots. And Romance!! 

Status: Lots of reading done. Bit Rot, by Douglas Coupland, a delightful collection of essays and short stories. Last week's Guardian Weekly. More New Yorker back issues - just finished August 28. Writing too, as I add to my story ideas. Lots of touring of the area. Down to Stirling to various stores - Foodland and Liquor store are regulars. Also hardware and candy stores, library, post office, municipal offices, alpaca farm, water buffalo farm - talking with all the locals. Water buffalo mince makes great tortillas. And spaghetti sauce. Tours father afield to Petherick's Corners and a great craft beer place, up to swim in a river, down to Campbellford, visit a cheese outlet, a chocolate factory - great stuff. 

Tonight we're having Water Buffalo sausages and drinking Creme D'Alsace. And online via my iPhone. The couple that Hotspot's together stays together.   

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ROW80-3 - Ending Again?

Looks like this Round is about done, so I'd better get in one last check in. Not a lot of writerly progress this time, and not a lot of status update. Maybe if I commit to checking in on other's progress I'll be encouraged to do more myself? 

We're heading off to a sort of writer's retreat tomorrow. By we, I mean my girlfriend and I, and by retreat, I mean we're heading into the country to stay in the country at a small cottage/camp/cabin/house we've rented. No wi-fi, about a 5 minute drive to the nearest town. A small town. It does have a grocery store and a place that sells cider and beer so we'll survive. The plan is to bring books and magazines and notebooks and just hang out for a week. I'll be working on my NaNoWriMo story, fleshing out the outline She's a poet, but is working on a novel now. In the style of poetry - somehow.  

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ROW80-3 - 10/09/17 - A Theme

I seem to have found a theme for the NaNoWriMo story I'd mentioned - Good vs Evil. 

Initially, as a street kid, good or evil is determined by its immediate effect on young Tyler, for him or against. Once into The Game, he develops a bit of a code, but it's still vague in places. When The Game becomes real, and he gets some team mates killed, he finds out where he draws a line and decides to have nothing to do with this government or army. He runs away, but his former teacher tracks him down and convinces him his skills are needed and will - in the long run, despite a few unavoidable deaths - sacrifice the few to save the many. And of course, once he enters the battle against the aliens, he discovers they are not aliens at all. Yet more lies from a government he once trusted.  

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ROW80-3 - 07/09 - Late to the party

I guess it's better late than never to join this round. There are still a few weeks left. Summer has/had been full of all sorts of things - gardening, visits with my girlfriend, reading, news (fake or otherwise), Netflix, video games, walks in the park, kibitzing with friends in bars and cafes, visits with kids and grandkids, showings of this triplex by the landlord, etc.

Not a lot of editing or writing, but maybe it's time to commit to another reset. I did get a lot of good feedback on the novel I was editing, and I do have an idea for NaNoWriMo. Sort of. 

It's based on a Flash Fiction I did last year called The Game. Typical coming of age story, with the character also a writer (it was a NaNo related topic). I looked at it again, with my Three Act/Turning Points structure, and there might be enough for a novel. Here are my first thoughts. Comments welcome! 

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