ROW80-3 - 07/09 - Late to the party
ROW80-3 - Ending Again?

ROW80-3 - 10/09/17 - A Theme

I seem to have found a theme for the NaNoWriMo story I'd mentioned - Good vs Evil. 

Initially, as a street kid, good or evil is determined by its immediate effect on young Tyler, for him or against. Once into The Game, he develops a bit of a code, but it's still vague in places. When The Game becomes real, and he gets some team mates killed, he finds out where he draws a line and decides to have nothing to do with this government or army. He runs away, but his former teacher tracks him down and convinces him his skills are needed and will - in the long run, despite a few unavoidable deaths - sacrifice the few to save the many. And of course, once he enters the battle against the aliens, he discovers they are not aliens at all. Yet more lies from a government he once trusted.  

BTW - this not any game, people call it "The Game". So I think "The" needs to be capitalised.  

In the meantime - goals and progress?

  • Publishing - editing, etc. I've contacted a local Chapters to see if they will do a book signing. Not a lot of sales but one never knows. I also went into IndigoSpark and bumped up the price of book #2.
  • Writing - As mentioned, I have an idea for NaNoWriMo, and a theme I can blend in. Chuck Wendig of Terrible Minds had suggested Good vs Evil for a Flash Fiction. I'll try it.
  • Reading - I'm working through the current Guardian Weekly, and slowly catching up on my stack of New Yorker Magazine. I have a couple of library books too, that I cracked open, but they aren't really calling to me. That happens sometimes.
  • Other 
    • Netfix, for The Office, and now The Blacklist. An interesting show, if sometimes predictable.
    • The last days of summer - I walked through my hood yesterday and today, to a coffee shop and a brew pub at the far end. Enjoyed the sun and refreshments while people watching.  


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