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ROW80-3 - Ending Again?

Looks like this Round is about done, so I'd better get in one last check in. Not a lot of writerly progress this time, and not a lot of status update. Maybe if I commit to checking in on other's progress I'll be encouraged to do more myself? 

We're heading off to a sort of writer's retreat tomorrow. By we, I mean my girlfriend and I, and by retreat, I mean we're heading into the country to stay in the country at a small cottage/camp/cabin/house we've rented. No wi-fi, about a 5 minute drive to the nearest town. A small town. It does have a grocery store and a place that sells cider and beer so we'll survive. The plan is to bring books and magazines and notebooks and just hang out for a week. I'll be working on my NaNoWriMo story, fleshing out the outline She's a poet, but is working on a novel now. In the style of poetry - somehow.  

My status:

  • Publishing
    • Nothing back from the Chapters query. I'd asked the contact person several times last winter, without a response until the summer. Which was to contact her in the fall. I think I'd be better to contact other stores and move on.  
    • I went to a meeting of 'my' Ottawa Independent Writers group.  The exec did a panel discussion of their experiences publishing and marketing books - lots of great ideas and comments.
  • Writing - I didn't try that 'Good vs Evil' Flash, but I am blending the idea into my NaNoWriMo outline. I'm not sure if I'll add the 'see into the future' idea, but I'll explore what sort of arc that might have as it develops.  
  • Reading - My subscription to the Guardian Weekly has started - the first issue arrived today. It's actually last Friday's, mailed from Fort Erie (Ontario) I think, and should be faster than that I would think. We'll see how that goes. Not that it's that critical, as I buy for the in depth analysis. I've also started Bit Rot, by Douglas Coupland. 
  • Other
    • I watched Alien: The Covenant.  A little predictable, but entertaining
    • Did hours of driving. I decided to tidy up some of my video games and succeeded in deleting the files of both American and European Track SImulator. Over 1000 hours in the last few years, so a lot of the maps got explored and experience points and fancy trucks earned. Oh well - I started again and am having just as much fun. I also joined a new group 'The Lazy Truckers'. No rules, as in no mandatory truck colours, no quota of jobs, no fixed convoy schedules. A mixed group, all likely younger than me, from various countries. I'll help by editing the web content - so I guess there are a few rules ;-)  And one of them saw in my profile that I was a writer and bought an ebook. Yay  




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Shan Jeniah Burton

Always great to see you here, Mike! That cottage sounds lovely. My husband and I are going up to Maine for two days next month to stay at a cabin near Acadia National Park and eat seafood (yup, that's pretty much the whole plan, except for connecting and me doing some writing and exploring tide pools and stuff). It will be our first weekend away while our teens stay home - kind of a belated 20 year anniversary trip, I guess.

I chuckled at your description of your girlfriend's novel. All of my short stories routinely get described as "poetic." Guess it's just a way of seeing the world.

Have fun on your getaway, and see you next round! =D

Chris Loehmer Kincaid

I hope that your retreat is going well, and you are getting a lot accomplished. I've been wanting to go on a similar retreat, but just haven't been able to get away. Good luck in the next Round.

Sonia G Medeiros

Good luck on the queries and NaNoWriMo. I probably will miss this year's NaNo as I'm trying to finish my first draft. Of course...I could put it aside and have some fun just writing something new. Hmmm.

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