ROW80-3 - Ending Again?
ROW80-4 - Check-in 04/10/17

ROW80-4 Goals

Apparently, we are starting again. So I need goals.

But first, a little update on my writer's retreat. We're in an old (1864) stonewalled Schoolhouse. Outside Stirling Ontario (1858). Very quiet. I get up early and sit outside with coffee, a magazine, notebook, and seeds for the chipmunks. I stare off into space, wave at the neighbours as they drive by in cars or tractors, and work on my NaNoWriMo novel. Same idea, The Game, maybe the future dreaming idea. Trying to add some sub-plots. And Romance!! 

Status: Lots of reading done. Bit Rot, by Douglas Coupland, a delightful collection of essays and short stories. Last week's Guardian Weekly. More New Yorker back issues - just finished August 28. Writing too, as I add to my story ideas. Lots of touring of the area. Down to Stirling to various stores - Foodland and Liquor store are regulars. Also hardware and candy stores, library, post office, municipal offices, alpaca farm, water buffalo farm - talking with all the locals. Water buffalo mince makes great tortillas. And spaghetti sauce. Tours father afield to Petherick's Corners and a great craft beer place, up to swim in a river, down to Campbellford, visit a cheese outlet, a chocolate factory - great stuff. 

Tonight we're having Water Buffalo sausages and drinking Creme D'Alsace. And online via my iPhone. The couple that Hotspot's together stays together.   


My goals at the start of the year ere:

  • write
  • write better
  • publish
  • enjoy life
  • stay healthy

So where are we this ROW???

  • Writing - Plan/write a Novel. The Game. As part of NaNoWriMo. 
  • Write better - writer's groups - get to meetings and network. Keep up with various writerly blogs.
  • Publishing - I have a Facebook page for me the author, and should publish more reader specific content on it each week. Maybe when I do ROW80 posts. 
  • Reading - New Yorker, Guardian Weekly, various books. 
  • Enjoy life - I suppose that covers video games (like my truck driving) and visiting with friends at pubs and cafes and with family and my girlfriend.
  • Stay healthy - Continue on this 'less carbs' diet. As in bread and pasta. Not beer!! Maybe use Map My Walk more to track my wanderings? Check out my eyes - new glasses are better, but I suspect the cataracts are growing. And I do like to read.



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Beth Camp

Love your musing and prepping for NaNoWriMo AND another round (the last of 2018) of ROW80. Your goals are really so close to what we all wish for -- writing, more writing, planning, outreach to other writers, and enjoy life. May this round be very, very good to you!

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