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ROW80-4 -19/10/17 -The Hook

I've been working away at my story outline for this year's NaNo, so that I'll be ready to go come November 1st. A few days ago I found a good 'how-to' series, from Fiction University Get Ready for NaNo! It's a 3[1] day series, and started October 1st. I've been skipping around as I catch up, but have just worked out what the real 'hook' is for my story. Not the unique first line that grabs the reader, but the hook that sets my book apart from others, that makes the reader want to keep going. 

I had thought it was the fact that The Game was more than a career path 20 yr olds, it was also secretly a way to select and train some to fight against an alien invasion. So the hero wants to win at the Game, and then win as a soldier. While having to develop/change his moral code. But that's not different enough. What starts off for him  as just being good with hunches develops into dreams of the future and then daytime visions. So his real goal is to understand the range and accuracy of this ability/curse, and earn to manage it to his advantage. That's my hook. 

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ROW80-4 -16/10/17 -Passion or Obsession?

Being passionate about a person, or a thing, is usually seen as a good thing. So much so, that a lack of passion in a person can be seen as a character fault. Being obsessed over something, though, is not a good thing. Even if it's the same thing as someone else's passion. For example, a passion about your job can be seen as an obsession by your family.

I used to have a passion, or at least a focus, for photography, especially of graffiti. That became a thing for writing, and now - judging by my 'tasks completed' list, my passions are either Netflix or driving a truck online. Maybe both. Fighting any tendencies for me to develop these into obsessions, is my fascination with new sparkley things, coupled with a dash of laziness. 

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ROW80-4 -12/10/17 -Still summer?

Yes, I know my check-in is a day late again, but I keep getting distracted by summer. We get some wet fall days but it's still often in the range of 18-22C in the day, and sunny. Yes, it does drop down at night to three or four, with the occasional frost warning, but it is October after all. Our fall has been the summer we didn't really get, especially in August. A 'feature' of global warming will be more extremes in weather, so we might as well get used to it. The Farmer's Almanac calls for colder than usual east of Ontario warmer to the west, and, right here, a wild mix of the two. No problem, as I have warm clothes and a new umbrella. I'm ready.

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ROW80-4 -09/10/17 -Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving weekend up here in Canada, for many a time to gather with friends and family to give thanks for what we have in life. Sometimes a time for distant relatives to descend upon you, for old arguments to be revived, for buttons to be pushed, for way too many cooks in a small kitchen, for copious amounts of wine, and for sharp carving knives. 

Mine was low key and pleasant, with a great turkey dinner for me, and I even stipped and bagged the rest of the turkey and cleaned the kitchen. Just not enough writing. When we were off for our week in the country, my habit was to get up by 8:30, make my coffee, and sit out on the front step, working on my novel and enjoying the quiet country life. Now I'm back into late night video games and/or Netflix, then lazing in bed when I awake, checking emails and The Facebook on my iPhone. I still get stuff done, just not the right stuff. And creating the day's to-do list at the end of the day isn't fooling me anymore.

Today is grey and drizzly, so I'm at my writing desk, with a view of the trees and the window open a bit to hear the gentle rain. The turkey carcass is simmering for soup, I've done my sponsor thing on ROW80, am working on yesterday's check-in, and have some good ideas to add to my outline for my NaNoNovel. 

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