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ROW80-4 - Check-in 04/10/17

I guess since I've agreed to be a sponsor this round I'd better get my own update done, and see what's happened since we started Monday. I've pretty well decided on my story for NaNoWriMo, and done an outline. I ran it past some folks in my MondSFF group (Monday Night Sci-fi and Fantasy) and got some helpful suggestions from them.  

Here's a summary - comments welcome. I've a two page summary too, if you're really keen.

It's a coming of age story - Hunger Games meets the Last Starfighter. 

Tyson enters The Game, which is supposedly a way for everyone to be tested for their career in life, only to discover a hidden purpose for it, and a life or death challenge. Will he be able to tame his newly discovered ability to dream the future, and succeed in his quest? 

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