ROW80-4 - Check-in 04/10/17
ROW80-4 -12/10/17 -Still summer?

ROW80-4 -09/10/17 -Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving weekend up here in Canada, for many a time to gather with friends and family to give thanks for what we have in life. Sometimes a time for distant relatives to descend upon you, for old arguments to be revived, for buttons to be pushed, for way too many cooks in a small kitchen, for copious amounts of wine, and for sharp carving knives. 

Mine was low key and pleasant, with a great turkey dinner for me, and I even stipped and bagged the rest of the turkey and cleaned the kitchen. Just not enough writing. When we were off for our week in the country, my habit was to get up by 8:30, make my coffee, and sit out on the front step, working on my novel and enjoying the quiet country life. Now I'm back into late night video games and/or Netflix, then lazing in bed when I awake, checking emails and The Facebook on my iPhone. I still get stuff done, just not the right stuff. And creating the day's to-do list at the end of the day isn't fooling me anymore.

Today is grey and drizzly, so I'm at my writing desk, with a view of the trees and the window open a bit to hear the gentle rain. The turkey carcass is simmering for soup, I've done my sponsor thing on ROW80, am working on yesterday's check-in, and have some good ideas to add to my outline for my NaNoNovel. 


  • Writing
    • Plan/write a Novel. This needs a SMART objective - like 1hr a day, as I just fuss around now and then. And it will soon be November, and time to write.
    • I added a post to my author page, as well as on Facebook. About podcasting. And I've been writing feedback as a ROW80 sponsor. 
  • Write better - Still catching up on old blogs. Again, need a better objective, like do three days worth a day. 
  • Publishing
    • See above, did an update to my author page on FB, and the blog. This is a once a week thing. 
    • Podcasts -I'm looking into this as a way to get more coverage. I have two novels published, and over 100 little Flash Fiction stories on my blog. I could do chapters from my novels, as well as selected stories.
  • Reading
    • Of course, I'm still behind on New Yorker and Guardian Weekly, Maybe could do a New Yorker a day and a page in the Guardian to catch up. 
    • I'm currently listening to the podcast of No Relation, by Terry Fallis.
  • Enjoy life - Yet more trucking, but listening podcasts too. The aforementioned book, as well as CBC's Writers and Company. Less tempted by patios with the grey weather, but I still drop by the occasional pub for a pint of craft beer. I'm off Coor's Light - it's cheaper but it's bland. Too many interesting beers, too little time. 
  • Stay healthy - Not as mobile as I'd like. Definitely not even close to the 10,000 steps a day target. I am heading to the doctor, to discuss my cataracts and cankles. 


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