ROW80-4 -09/10/17 -Thanksgiving
ROW80-4 -16/10/17 -Passion or Obsession?

ROW80-4 -12/10/17 -Still summer?

Yes, I know my check-in is a day late again, but I keep getting distracted by summer. We get some wet fall days but it's still often in the range of 18-22C in the day, and sunny. Yes, it does drop down at night to three or four, with the occasional frost warning, but it is October after all. Our fall has been the summer we didn't really get, especially in August. A 'feature' of global warming will be more extremes in weather, so we might as well get used to it. The Farmer's Almanac calls for colder than usual east of Ontario warmer to the west, and, right here, a wild mix of the two. No problem, as I have warm clothes and a new umbrella. I'm ready.

As for ROW80 updates - not a lot to report but here it is:

  • Writing -goal 1h/d. I did several 1/2 hour chunks of outlining The Game. Better than none.  
  • Write better - Writing blogs - goal 4 days worth/d, to catch up. I charged through 10 days worth, while enjoying a pint at my locaI.  And found several helpful ones. 
  • Publishing
    • Podcasts - goal -starts planning this via Evernote. To get started, I'll use my headset mic, and Audacity. Not sure whether to host it on Soundcloud or my blog. Nice to offload the load to Soundcloud, but nice to drive more traffic to my blog every time. 
  • Reading
    • New Yorker - goal 1/d to catch up - did 2. The Guadian - goal  1 page/d. Did 2.  Of course, I'm still behind on New Yorker and Guardian Weekly, Maybe could do a New Yorker a day and a page in the Guardian to catch up. 
    • I'm finished the podcast of No Relation, by Terry Fallis, back to his first one now, The Best Laid Plans. Interesting to hear how he lays them out, with links at the start and end, as well as a teaser for the next one. And the use of music.  
  • Enjoy life - Yet more trucking, and podcasts, and visits t grandchildren. More nice weather too, so more tanning and hydration on patios. A new bar is opening nearby - Bar Lupulus. Named after Humulus Lupulus. They will feature craft beers - of course! 
  • Stay healthy - Target is reset to 3,000 steps a day. I'll up it later. Good discussion with my doctor about both my cataracts and cankles. Contrary to what my Optometrist implied, they don't wait until you can't drive. And my BP isn't that bad. 



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Shan Jeniah Burton

Always nice to see what you're up to, Mike! And yes, some is better than none, and can be built upon.

happy summerfall, and happy wording!


Nice balance of goals, good weiting to you this week! I love your idea of writing time each day rather than words, makes it doable.




It looks like summer-fall is fading, and the leaves are finally changing colour. Goal completion remains a challenge, with my to-do list often an end of day record instead of a start of day plan.

Eden Mabee

Day late, dollar short... you still made a check-in, and that's what matters. I won't even touch the chaos that is our weather these days.

I love how you have reading goals for periodicals included in your ROW80. There's a lot to be said for just being in touch with what is going on in the world (though... with the news lately, I could offer plenty of arguments as to why one should hide under a rock too). Keep discovering and keep writing!

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