ROW80-4 -12/10/17 -Still summer?
ROW80-4 -19/10/17 -The Hook

ROW80-4 -16/10/17 -Passion or Obsession?

Being passionate about a person, or a thing, is usually seen as a good thing. So much so, that a lack of passion in a person can be seen as a character fault. Being obsessed over something, though, is not a good thing. Even if it's the same thing as someone else's passion. For example, a passion about your job can be seen as an obsession by your family.

I used to have a passion, or at least a focus, for photography, especially of graffiti. That became a thing for writing, and now - judging by my 'tasks completed' list, my passions are either Netflix or driving a truck online. Maybe both. Fighting any tendencies for me to develop these into obsessions, is my fascination with new sparkley things, coupled with a dash of laziness. 


  • Writing -goal 1h/d. I did only two 1/2 hour chunks on The Game. I'm trying to work out some sub-plots.   
  • Write better - Writing blogs - goal 4 days worth/d, to catch up. Sliding again, but hate to delete any of them.  
  • Publishing
    • Podcasts - goal -starts planning this via Evernote. I've been checking this out more. I like what Terry Fallis has done on his site. He uses Libsyn for his, and I have some tips from Typepad for mine. 
  • Reading
    • New Yorker - goal 1/d to catch up. The Guadian - goal  1 page/d. Sliding here too. But do want them still.  
    • I'm now on to The High Road, a podcast by Terry Fallis. Good while walking. Or driving. 
  • Enjoy life - Yet more trucking, and podcasts, and Netflix. I just binged through the first season of Mindhunter.  
  • Stay healthy - Target is reset to 3,000 steps a day. Some days I'm over, some days I'm lucky if I do 500. I'm checking my BP more, and adding to my iPhome Health app data. However, the device I have has lost half its display, and possibly is less accurate. New one is on the way. 


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Shan Jeniah Burton

When I was in school, I often set aside homework so I could write, and so I was labeled an underachiever. Now, people look at my goals lists and projects and sometimes call me an overachiever.

I've changed between 16 and 48, of course. I've learned how to turn writing from a passion lots of folks labeled an obsession to something I come to with an increasingly informed, more structured approach that still embraces my creativity and need for spontaneity. I've become more responsible and more disciplined.

But what's changed the most is others' perspectives. When an adult writes, it's seen differently than when a school kid writes stories rather than doing the assigned work.

I say, honor your passions, whatever they be. If you can ask if they're obsessions...they probably aren't. Instead, they might be just the thing you need to be doing for you right now.

Sounds like you're holding steady, and learning some things about yourself that will be valuable to know. That's a good thing!


Great idea to walk a manageable number of steps per day! Often trying to get in shape becomes overwhelming because of trying to do it all at once. A little each day is better than three hours once a week...wait, that's probably true of writing, too. When I figure that out, I'll share. Thanks for the inspiration!

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