ROW80-4 -16/10/17 -Passion or Obsession?
ROW80-4 -22/10/17 -Ahead of schedule?

ROW80-4 -19/10/17 -The Hook

I've been working away at my story outline for this year's NaNo, so that I'll be ready to go come November 1st. A few days ago I found a good 'how-to' series, from Fiction University Get Ready for NaNo! It's a 3[1] day series, and started October 1st. I've been skipping around as I catch up, but have just worked out what the real 'hook' is for my story. Not the unique first line that grabs the reader, but the hook that sets my book apart from others, that makes the reader want to keep going. 

I had thought it was the fact that The Game was more than a career path 20 yr olds, it was also secretly a way to select and train some to fight against an alien invasion. So the hero wants to win at the Game, and then win as a soldier. While having to develop/change his moral code. But that's not different enough. What starts off for him  as just being good with hunches develops into dreams of the future and then daytime visions. So his real goal is to understand the range and accuracy of this ability/curse, and earn to manage it to his advantage. That's my hook. 


  • Writing -goal 1h/d. Yes - met this. Outlining for Nano, so it's a mix of pondering and writing.   
  • Write better - Writing blogs - I finally worked through the last week's worth and am caught up. Some good tips in some of them. New goal - keep up. 
  • Publishing
    • Podcasts - goal -planning. Got some feedback from Typepad but still have questions pending with them on how to do this on the site.  
  • Reading
    • New Yorker - goal 1/d to catch up. The Guardian - goal  1 page/d. Still behind. Ti[m]e to skim.   
    • Still on The High Road, a podcast by Terry Fallis. Maybe I'll go for a walk o get more done. 
  • Enjoy life - Trucking, and podcasts, and Netflix. Check. I'm on Season 9 (last) of the Office and sampled some of SuperGirl. Meh - entertaining but shallow.   
  • Stay healthy - 3,000 steps a day. -Doing better at this, along with less alcohol and more sleep. Back to the doctor Friday, along with a haircut and visit with some grandkids.  


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Shan Burton

Nice progress, Mike! I'm still working through the planning stages of my NaNo, but it's been in my head for decades, so no panic, and the ideas are really popping now. I think I'm finding my hook, too - but not willing to talk about that quite yet...might get in the way of the work.

Hooray for doing better, and the grandkids! =D

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