ROW80-4 -19/10/17 -The Hook
ROW80-4 -25/10/17 -Just a Hobby?

ROW80-4 -22/10/17 -Ahead of schedule?

Since I usually do these posts a day late- yes, I am early. I commented on several other ROW'ers, so was motivated to get at it. [Edit - I had a much longer post, then hit the wrong key and lost most of it. So this will be it.]

We've had a couple of summery days again, with the temperature in the 20's, mostly sunny weather, and only light breezes. Not especially suited to sit inside and work, as every warm day of the fall seems like such a gift. I'm off to Toronto for a week on Tuesday and it looks to be cooler but still okay. As in no frost at night, no snow flurries. I'm looking forward to the fall display of leaves during my train trip. 


  • Writing -goal 1h/d. Yes, I met this. I'm outlining for Nano, so still a lot of pondering my prose. I've worked out a series of goals for my hero, as he deals with transitioning from high-school to the real world. The Game offers to many the chance for a good career, money for some luxuries, the chance to settle down.  He is looking for some stability, after a tumultuous childhood, and a lot of self-doubt. But he also seeks adventure, or at least more than his comfortable and conforming society can give him. Competition, through his street gang, The Game, the real version of The Game, and the need to add in an appreciation of teamwork. Justice and fairness, for himself and others. For much of those goals, the antagonist opposes him in a way. She has similar goals, but as an amoral, ruthless, logical and cold person, has different methods, so they are often at cross purpose. Add to all that his new ability to dream the future, which can give an edge, but also brands him as a freak, not to be trusted. 
  • Write better - Writing blogs - All have been reviewed. New goal - keep up. 
  • Publishing
    • Podcasts - goal -planning. I need to try the features out after NaNoWriMo to see what they look like.
    • Blog - my writer blog needs to be redone along with the podcast project.   
  • Reading
    • New Yorker/The Guardian - goal is to catch up. I'll bring several to Toronto with me.    
    • Almost done The High Road, a podcast by Terry Fallis. 
  • Enjoy life - Trucking, and podcasts, and Netflix. Check. Almost done The Office, more Scandal.    
  • Stay healthy - 3k steps a day. -Yes, easy with this nice weather. BP slightly better but will keep an eye on it, and maybe new meds in a month. 



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Shan Burton

You're making great progress here, Mike! I'm diving into discovering my NaNo MC and her story, too. Tis the season!

Enjoy Toronto! =D

Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

I agree with Shan--you're doing well on your goals. Enjoy the train ride--I love taking trains in the autumn, watching the change in the color as one goes further south or north chasing the season.

I'm planning for NaNo as well, working through the conflicts and foibles of the characters. Your WIP sounds interesting--I look forward to hearing more about it in the next month or so.

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