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Writerly Stuff and a Special

ROW80-4 -25/10/17 -Just a Hobby?

It annoys me when someone refers to my writing as a hobby. The Merriam-Webster definition is "a pursuit outside one's regular occupation, engaged in especially for relaxation". In my case, I retired from my regular occupation a decade ago, and filled my days with various activities. Including staring into space. I'd written a bit in high school, but since then hadn't done more than test plans and some user documentation at work. I see a hobby as something very casual, but for many it can become a passion. Even an obsession. Every day I am doing something writerly - be it writing, editing, planning a story, perusing various writer's blog, or reading fiction with a writer's eye. I have long-term goals, short-term objectives, and occasionally even make money at this. So I suppose it has become my regular occupation.

Yet I don't see it as a job. I'm not someone that writes every day, because I have to, because I'm driven to it. Some people like that image for themselves - not for me. I think it's the idea of setting aside a big block of time, every day. Maybe that's not needed, though. I read an interesting blog post today,  6 Simple Tips to Create Daily Writing Habits. The author suggests when trying to create a habit, setting the bar low enough so that you can always meet it. Don't aim for 2 hours every day, from 9-11 am, in the desk by the window, on your pc. Try for 10 minutes a day. You might write more, but that's the target. Sure, aim for the morning, but be satisfied whenever it fits in. Maybe even scribbled in a notebook at the doctor's. Or on the train, on the way to meet your sweetie.

  • Writing -goal 1h/d. Yes. Still outlining for NaNoWriMo. I'm on day 14 of an October NaNo planning workshop - and it's the 25th! But I'm catching up quickly, as I already have a lot done. This is more like a check-list. 
  • Write better - Keep up with writing blogs - Done
  • Publishing
    • Podcasts/blog - goal -planning, update. I'll drop this until after NaNoWriMo
    • New Yorker/The Guardian - goal is to catch up. I gave up and cancelled my New Yorker. It is interesting, but so are lots of things in life. And I'm six weeks behind now. As opposed to one week for the Guardian! 
  • Reading - Finished The High Road, by Terry Fallis. 
  • Enjoy life - Trucking, and podcasts, and Netflix. Check. And I ordered a new game, Spintires: MudRunner. It's a driving simulator, that puts you behind the wheel of a huge Russian AWD truck, digging its knobby tires into deep mud, and fording rivers. It's released October 31.  
  • Stay healthy - 3k steps a day, eat well. I'm trying, although yesterday's train trip was mostly sitting, eating a nice dinner, and swilling wine. 



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Erin Zarro

I get irritated with people who call writing a hobby, or insinuate that it's nothing important. Like you, writing is my calling. Not my fulltime job yet, but maybe someday it will be. :)

Nice job on your goals this week!


Thx - some days are better than others for my goals, but it averages out okay.

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