Writerly Stuff and a Special
ROW80-4 -03/11/17 -Not Quite Wednesday

ROW80-4 -29/10/17 -Is it November Yet?

I'm still in Toronto, and it certainly feels like November. Aug-tober has faded - no more shorts days. We've no frost or snow yet, but the skies are all cloudy and grey, with a damp breeze blowing up from the lake and right through my bones. I'll be scheduling winter tire installation when I get back home this week, and I'll start wearing my winter jacket. 

I'm getting in lots of writerly things while visiting. November and NaNoWriMo is fast approaching, and I still have work to do on my outline. I like to have the main scenes blocked out, as far as where they are and what they will cover. Then as I write I fill them in, add others that occur to me, and shuffle them around as need be.  


  • Writing -goal 1h/d. I'm doing more like 2/day. I'm on day 24 of a 31 day NaNo planning workshop. I'll make it!  
  • Write better - Keep up with writing blogs - Done- again. This may become a habit ;-) I've deleted some from the list - all good sources but just too many for me.
  • Publishing -I have a 50% off sale running for my two novels, on Smashwords. Good until the end of the month - sort of a Halloween special. Details are here.
  • Reading - News headlines via my iPhone, but other than that, not even my Guardian Weekly. I'll save that for the train ride back home on Wednesday. 
  • Enjoy life - No distraction of Netflix or video games, but I am spending quality time with my girlfriend. And with her neighbourhood, Roncy. I'll make up for missed online fun when I return and try my new game, Spintires: MudRunner
  • Stay healthy - 3k steps a day, eat well. - We get out every day for a walk and some shopping. A measured pace, but usually hit the 3k mark. The challenge will be to maintain that at home.  


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Sonia G Medeiros

Excellent progress! Good luck on the remaining NaNo planning.

Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

Winter is very close in upstate New York, too, after a blustery, rainy, weekend brought down the autumn leaves. It's supposed to freeze tonight, so I'll be cranking up the fireplace tomorrow.

I have the same problem with writing resources--so many are helpful, but if I read them all, I'd never write.

It sounds like you are doing well on your goals--especially writing and health. Good job!

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