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Writerly Stuff and a Special

I'm visiting my girlfriend in Toronto, but still getting a lot done. She's fine with me doing my writerly stuff as she reads the paper or work on dinner or does her own writing. She often sleeps in late, or naps, too, so I get more done here than at home. I'm writing, outlining, learning about writing, marketing, etc. No distractions from video games or Netflix or my local.

I've been moving along well with my outline for this year's NaNoWriMo. I'm still wavering on what my protagonist's real goal is, but that will settle down I'm sure.

I've been following a pre-release copy of a podcast on ebooks, too. It's quite interesting - more on that later once it's released. I do prefer listening to podcasts via a player with a 'faster' option, as I can listen a lot faster than the reader is talking. 

Edit - here's the link

And finally, I've a special on my two ebooks - 50% off until November 1st. More details here.  


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