ROW80-4 -29/10/17 -Is it November Yet?
ROW80-4 -04/11/17 -NaNoWriLess

ROW80-4 -03/11/17 -Not Quite Wednesday

I was tempted to wait until Sunday for this, but I'd just poured another glass of wine so why not?? I came back from my week in Toronto on Wednesday evening. I did get some NaNoWords done on the train, but they serve pre-drinks, dinner, wine, apertif - so it was a challenge. Earlier we'd been busy getting my girlfriend's car towed away by a charity, and recovering from a very late Halloween night. And once I got home, I, of course, HAD to play my new video game. So - not as much NaNo progress as I'd hoped, but not as bad as I feared either. 


  • Writing -goal - new for NaNoWriMo - 2000w/d. So far, after Day 2, it's about 1400 a day. I may have over analyzed at a high level, as I'm worrying in every scene about incorporating goals and showing the various arcs. Good though. The month-long course was a help. I need more scene headings though, and brief hints as to where it's going. 
  • Write better - Keep up with writing blogs - Done- again. 
  • Publishing -I ran 50% off sale running for my two novels, on Smashwords. No sales, but a lot of looks. 
  • Reading - News headlines via my iPhone, and some Guardian Weekly. I cancelled the New Yorker, and started the Sunday Times. No books, although I have a few sitting here. 
  • Enjoy life - Had several more nice days in Toronto with a redhead. Halloween was fun. We sat on the porch, bundled up, handing out candy and drinking cider. Then, more cider. Once I got home, I had to play my new game, Spintires: MudRunner
  • Stay healthy - 3k steps a day, eat well. - Did well in Toronto, although I didn't lose any more weight, and my BP is still a little high. I have a stiff neck too, so I need to start yoga again. 


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Shan Burton

Sounds like a lovely time in Toronto, if a cold one. We've had frost one night, so far, but today was warmish.

My count's not quite where I want it yet, either...but I have three write-ins scheduled this weekend, so I expect that may change soon. Hopefully, the time spent with your game will get your imagination going! =D

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