ROW80-4 -04/11/17 -NaNoWriLess
ROW80-4 -It's beginning to look a little like Christmas

ROW80-4 -22/11/17 -NaNoWriNotAtAll?

In my last post, almost three weeks ago, I had a plan B. I would just write for a couple of hours a day, rather than measuring words. Unfortunately, other than a few hours here and there and some good structuring and outlining, not a lot of words were added. I'll keep working at it, but I suspect I won't really focus until I visit my girlfriend next week. I know, one would think that would be break time, but she needs to sleep later in the mornings so I get up a few hour earlier, have my cereal, brew a mug of coffee, and work at the kitchen table. But this novel will need to keep on going in December. I did manage to comment a few times on other's ROW80 posts, so that counts as writerly too.

On the non-writing front, I looked back through my journal, and I have been busy. I had cancelled the New Yorker but then started the Sunday New York Times, so if anything I have more to cover each week. Plus the Guardian Weekly of course. But even skimming these is enjoyable.

More games, of course. SpinTires; Mudrunner, my Russian logging truck game. And an addition to my American Truck Simulator, Canadian roads. And the original, Euro Truck Simulator, with Russian highways added. For for all three games, I've become a live-streamer, on Twitch and YouTube, recording my trips and providing a running commentary. Boring for non-fans, I would guess, but fun to create. I occasionally even get some viewers.

Netflix is on the list too, of course. I finished Season 2 of Fargo, and started The Method - a delightfully dark Russian thriller. Some episodes of Scandal, and I'm almost done The Office.  I was waiting for the last and final season of House of Card to be announced, but it looks like that's not going to happen. Too bad - as it was such a great series. But Spacey turned out to be such a sexual predator. One of many - some confessing, and some 'just' accused. But many of those accused by so many, once the first steps forward. 

The back yard is ready, with most of the leaves raked and bagged and plants tidied up. Good thing, as we've had some snow already - just a few centimetres, and most of it disappeared with today's +8C, but it's coming. Snow tires get installed on the 28th. My new landlord arrives in a few weeks, but there are some odds and ends being fixed around the place. Such as asbestos removal.

Initially, my current landlady said people were coming around just to make sure the smoke detectors worked, and then it was to consult on ductwork and then three workers showed up to remove the asbestos tape that was used around the ducts, below the floorboards. And when I say three workers, I mean one 'expert' and two trainees. They did make sure to wear masks though, as I sat and watched. I did a risk assessment of the amount and their process and decided I wouldn't halt the job, or hassle the outgoing landlady over a failure to notify of asbestos, as per the 2007 regulations, Yes, I looked it up as I watched them work. 

Visits with friends at pubs, of course, including crashing a retirement/birthday party, for a friend's boss. I had a great time chatting people up. "And how do you know Jane?" someone would ask. My answer was, "Oh, I met her through Gilles". Which was true, but I didn't add had happened 10 minutes before. I made sure to charm Jane too ;-)

I got to my grandkids birthday parties - 1 and 4 - and they loved the presents, of course. And grampa. My son has started a new, better job, in the Mobile booth at his department store, but need a regular Monday babysitter to meet the kids at the bus. That would be me. I also had a good time babysitting at my daughter's - well, sort of. We signed up to sing in a local massed choir presentation of Handel's Messiah, including three practices. We made the first one, had fun, and - hopefully - didn't throw off anyone around us. The second Saturday, I got an urgent text from her - both parents sich with stomach flu, and could I come and help with the kids. Of course. I was there all day Saturday, and back for 1/2 of Sunday. Then Sunday night, you guessed it. I had cramps all night, puke in the morning, etc etc. My daughter - recovered - was very upset, but, well, shit happens, right? She did drop off a care package of Gravol, bananas, applesauce, ginger ale, chicken soup, and toilet paper. Literally dropped it off. I left the door open so she popped into the kitchen, yelled some sympathetic words, dropped the bags, and ran.

Yes, I'm better now. About 85%. Well, maybe 80%, as I did get my influenza shot today.

And that's that. Hey, wrote some words ;-)  Time to turn in early - again.      


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Beth Camp

Glad to see you 'back' as I've been somewhat in the same fix, pulled away from 'real' writing by those revision and formatting issues for two projects in the same time frame. Your summary mirrors our own busy life. DH and I just started playing Diablo for fun (he's way ahead of me in the monster bashing). Our grandkids are 3 and 5, both amazing, and we're also pulled in to last minute babysitting. I'm thankful for every hectic moment. I know you're in Canada (hopefully safer from that asbestos), but today is Thanksgiving here, so I'm sending you a piece of virtual pumpkin pie!

Eden Mabee

Wow... well, I guess that IS what happens when one takes a bunch of time off between check-ins, there is a LOT to report. Sounds like a bit of a whirlwind ride. Hopefully you're settled from some of its rockier points now, Mike, and enjoying your time at your girlfriend's and getting some words done in those quiet mornings.

Curious... why did you cancel the New Yorker? I'm asking because I'd been looking at a subscription.


Eden- yes, a lot has been happening but that’s a good thing. I’ll mostly be reading rather than writing at my girlfriend’s, as I left my laptop at home. I do have my Moleskin journal though, of course. 
I did enjoy the New Yorker, even after skipping all the local content at the start. Very good in depth articles, but often too much in depth, going on for page after page.  I do enjoy the Fuardian Weekly, with its great international focus. And the Sunday Times rounds out that reading.  

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