ROW80-4 -22/11/17 -NaNoWriNotAtAll?
ROW80-4 -04/12/17 -Still in TO

ROW80-4 -It's beginning to look a little like Christmas

IMG_4765Okay, not a lot of snow, just a few centimetres so far. Although I suppose it was more than they needed at the Grey Cup game yesterday, the final playoff for Canada's pro football league. At any rate, I get my snow tires installed tomorrow, in the midst of a one-day heat wave. It's going up to +10C. Maybe the landlady will have a chance to bag the leaves then, once this melts. She's sold, closing in a few weeks, so not as much maintenance happening anymore. Less, as I got home to discover the washing machine had been removed from the basement.  So when I head to Toronto this week to visit my girlfriend I may be bringing a bag of laundry.   Yes, I am a little ticked - maybe after dinner and a glass of wine I will mellow. Edit - she's ticked too. She'd hired someone to remove an old fridge and stove from the basement. But, instead . . . 

As for status since last week's check-in? Well, some progress made.

  • writerly - some work on my NaNoNovel, but not even close to 50k words.But I do continue to fiddle with it - productively at times. I haven't decided whether I bring my laptop to Toronto, though. 
  • reading - no books, but I did churn through the Sunday NYT. And I'll bring the Guardian Weekly with me to Toronto.
  • games - I'm still working with support re my controller wheel issues. Probably past warranty. I did find this writing related game, Typoman
  • Netflix - I finished The Office, finally. And I'm still watching The Method.
  • health - I babysat at my son's this afternoon, which is always nice. No pubs lately, so no beer. Walking occasionally. I seem to have lost a few pounds - yay. 


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Elizabeth Mitchell

Wow, Mike, I'd be more than a little ticked if my landlady took out the washer. And we're getting the snow tires put on the car tomorrow morning, although we haven't had more than a dusting of snow. It is that time of year.

I'm a NaNo rebel, so I don't have a finished first draft, but I'm okay with that. Any words are good, in my book. I'll have to check out Typoman, as well as the one our NaNo ML talked about, the name of which escapes me at the moment. . .


LOL - see my edit. I'm often here in the day, but was gone, so nobody to keep an eye out.


Love the idea of churning through the Sunday NYT. I haven't done that in a few months. Will try to pick up a copy at the airport or train station this coming Sunday!

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