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ROW-80-4 -20/12/17 -Basking in the south

Okay, I'm in Toronto, but it is south of Ottawa, and always a bit warmer. And slushier. And with that damp cold from Lake Ontario that seeps into your bones. But I am at my girlfriend's, and preparing for Christmas. Much shopping, tidying, decorating, etc. But she does love to cook. 

I'm at her place watching her wrap presents from her sibs to her brother. And - segue here - thinking about wrapping up this round and the year. (Sorry) I actually did some of this reflection/assessment last week, but in general, I can say it was a great year, with lots of 'stuff' done. Maybe not the 'stuff' I had planned on, but some good accomplishments in writing, publishing, reading (Goodreads list), Netflix, and games.

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ROW80-4 -17/12/17 -Turkey Day

No, my gentle readers. it's not YOUR day. We're having Christmas a week early at my place, so our turkey, named Laura this year, is in the oven. I named her after Laura Moon, the dead wife in American Gods. When I slid her out of the fridge, the cold butter under her skin gave her a white pasty look, and then my final stitches of her chest incision, with thick needle and string, completed the picture. In this case though, I hope she stays dead. The butter, by the way, is PC Black Label Normandy Style Cultured Butter. Well, la-dee-la. I made the potatoes yesterday, and Patty made the stuffing and cranberry sauce, to get those done on the check list. Today it was quick work to set Laura on the counter, stuff her, stitch her, and stick her in the oven. And I saved some of her organs for gravy of course. I'll also do acorn squash, corn, and Pillsbury rolls. Ice cream for dessert.

But this is supposed to be a check in - the penultimate one I believe. I'd thought that last Wednesday was our wrap, so I ended up summarizing and reflecting a bit then.  More this Wednesday, from Toronto.

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ROW80-4 -15/12/17 -Are We There Yet?

And so another Round draws to a close - well, almost. Did I do well? Sort of. When I joined several years ago I was detailed in my goals and objectives, as well as meticulous in my tracking. Now, not so much. Check-ins get missed, my focus wanders, objectives get changed - or dropped. But it is what it is. I still appreciate what direction it still gives to my writing, the friends I have made, and their encouragement. And I look forward to the next ROW, both as a participant and a sponsor.  

In 2018 I'd like to nudge myself back into writing, be it flash fiction or short stories or a novel. After doing all three for a few years, and studying more on the craft of writing, I did improve the quality of my work, I think, but I also raised the bar for myself as to what was good enough as a first or second draft. My earlier Flash Fiction seem pretty rough to me now, but I need to remind myself that at least they got out there. And they were/are a great way to test drive story ideas and characters. I have ideas for some more stories, and good role models in friends that submit regularly. And I have several NaNoDrafts to work on - five in fact. 

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