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ROW80-4 -11/12/17 -A Successful Book Fair.

I was part of a book fair last Saturday for Indie authors, and actually sold six books! Three of each, for Kirk's Landing and Return to Kirk's Landing. Better than I had expected, as it was in the basement of a small, out of the way church, and not that well publicized. And it was a cold grey winter's day, with many chores on people's lists. There were maybe 18 tables there, with some author new to me, and some friends. Not a lot of buyers, but it's always nice to talk to people about your book, even if they just smile and move on. 

Other than that it was a few days of chores. Teeth cleaning done (ouch) as well as a meeting with my financial manager. My modest portfolio is doing well, still, and in fact gained almost 10% over the year. Laundry is done too, after the machine was returned (long story). 

The new landlord takes over in a few days, so the last few fixes are being done before the sale. Such as cutting down a very old tree in the back with a split in the trunk. About 90% of it was hanging over the back end of the yard behind us, but it would have landed on their garage if it had let go. They can now have a garden, I guess. 

Tomorrow my girlfriend arrives for my early Christmas on the 17th, then we're off to Toronto. Oh - and we have snow - that's staying. Only a few cm, but it's -13C today and there is another 15cm forecast for tomorrow. I'm glad I've got my snow tires on. 

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ROW80-4 -06/12/17 -A Bit of Writing

Not a lot, but I did do some work on my story, The Game, as well as some writerly things. I came back from Toronto on the Tuesday evening train, and enjoyed the generous - and free - meal and drinks. When I got home, I decided I needed to eat most of a large container of chili from the freezer, as well as a lot more wine. Today was a quiet day. 

My girlfriend arrives next week to help me prepare for my early family Christmas on the 17th. In the meantime, I need to shuffle some of my 'stuff' into corners, Or a closet. Or under the bed. 

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ROW80-4 -04/12/17 -Still in TO

Edit - I'd posted this on the FB page for ROW80, but will add it here too so that I don't lose it.

I’m still in TO, sans laptop. No last minute NaNo spurt, so only about 6k words this year. But, a stronger base than usual, to build on. I’ll just need to get into a routine- in spite of reading and Christmas and video games! I’m back home Wednesday. 
I borrowed Shining Girls, by Lauren Beukes, from the library, and flew through it in a couple of days. Light, but complicated- a good read. Now back to Broken Monsters. Patty sleeps in later, and naps, so lots of quiet time. I’m reading the Globe & Mail and NYT most mornings too. Patty gets both, but can only do headlines usually, so I find the gems hidden in the text for her. Mostly gems from Trump & company. 

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