ROW80-4 -17/12/17 -Turkey Day
ROW80-1 -2018 -Goals

ROW-80-4 -20/12/17 -Basking in the south

Okay, I'm in Toronto, but it is south of Ottawa, and always a bit warmer. And slushier. And with that damp cold from Lake Ontario that seeps into your bones. But I am at my girlfriend's, and preparing for Christmas. Much shopping, tidying, decorating, etc. But she does love to cook. 

I'm at her place watching her wrap presents from her sibs to her brother. And - segue here - thinking about wrapping up this round and the year. (Sorry) I actually did some of this reflection/assessment last week, but in general, I can say it was a great year, with lots of 'stuff' done. Maybe not the 'stuff' I had planned on, but some good accomplishments in writing, publishing, reading (Goodreads list), Netflix, and games.

Oh, the games. BTW - Logitech has sent me a new, free, G29 racing wheel and shifter, to replace my old flakey G27 version. Which means I can once again drive the highways of Europe and North America, or the muddy logging roads of Russia, and stream live on Twitch. because that's my thing - or one of my things.

In more mundane news, 'my' tri-plex was sold, but the new landlord is nice. And his friendly, quiet aunt has moved in upstairs. My investments still are doing well, and my health is good. 

I've started Holly's Flash Fiction course, in the midst of Christmas Chaos, but why not! I know it's not the official Goals post yet, but I need to set myself some stretch goals for the New Year. I'm thinking about it.  More writing, for online feedback, as well as submissions. More editing of the several drafts of novels that I have, with the aim of shopping them to agents. Continue to nurture relationships with friends and families, because those are the ties that bind. In a good way, usually. ;-)    


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Beth Camp

All sounds quite normal, a real mix of fun, planning, and writing, thinking about the future AND enjoying the present. May you have the happiest of new year's. And what will you do with those new flash fiction stories????

Eden Mabee

Hooray for the knew gaming wheel, Mike! What a great present for the season. You can let yourself enjoy a break here andhere between creative and productive spurts, be it writing, marketing, living...

I keep hearing about Holly's classes. Will you post how things go in this one?


Holly's classes are good so far, especially with the added forums. But I shouldn't have started the three weeks right before Christmas. I'm a couple of days behind already!


Her idea is to polish them up and self-publish as an ebook collection. I might try sending them out to some magazines first - there are a number listed in Duotrope that do just Flash.

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