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ROW80-1 -03/01/18 -Objectives

ROW80-1 -2018 -Goals

Here we are, with yet another Round of Words. I think I'll just do my long-term goals now, and do my set of  SMART objectives for each round. That's sort of in line with the 12 week challenges people do. 

So my goals are pretty well the same as the last few years.

  • write - because I do enjoy it
  • write better - by reading about how to write, and getting constructive feedback. And by helping others to write, via specific feedback of just general encouragement. 
  • publish/market  - publish partially for the glory and bags of money, but also for the feedback and increased marketability. And marketing itself can cover book signings and flogging to libraries and social media awareness. 
  • read with purpose - there are lots of good/great books out there, but not enough time for them all. So I need to focus on well-written books, and note why they are well written. As opposed to too many hours escaping reality via sci-fi/fantasy, thrillers, whatever, where I am just skimming them for pure entertainment. Too many books, not enough time. 
  • better health - bp control is improving, but more exercise would be okay. I'm already losing a bit of weight, which is a good thing, but I think a fit-bit would help. Just the cheapest one. 
  • stay social - that's a given, what with strolls through my hood, visits to local cafes and bars, and all my grandkids being in Ottawa. Plus frequent hookups with my girlfriend.  
  • have fun - I feel I need this for things like Netflix and video games. Although, maybe if streaming my truck driving gets me viewers that then buy my books, I can count that activity as being sort of writerly, right?



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Erin Zarro

Excellent goals! I have some health-related goals too. Here's hoping I stick with them this go around.

Good luck with everything.


Sounds like you have it set for this round. Good work on the goals. Looks like you have a bit of everything accounted for. See you around!

ReGi McClain

I like your visioning here. I especially like that you're looking for ways to balance the need to focus on your writing and the need to be healthy and among people.

I don't know if a treadmill desk appeals to you, but I liked mine a lot. I just got a freebie treadmill off freecycle, stuck a board across the handles, and walked at like 1 mph when I was drafting.

Eden Mabee

As always, you have great goals set out, Mike. That said... I wish you wouldn't deride the SF/F genres. It may be that I write sci-fi/fantasy, or it may be a personal crusade because escapism runs rampant through so many genres and yet the science fiction and fantasy seem to bear the brunt of the criticism (well, there IS always Romance...).

Great writing is in the mind of the reader, and genre writing is popular (as is escapism) because it appeals to readers. Pleasure as a reader matters... and as a writer, I think. May you write and create things that bring pleasure, both you yourself and your readers.


Eden - sorry - what I meant to say by reading escapism sci/fi-fantasy was it was my choice for escaping from chores, high school, etc. Not that it's particulary light reading. I also write a lot in that genre and admire many of it's writers. I'll go back and edit that post.

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