ROW80-4 -It's beginning to look a little like Christmas
ROW80-4 -06/12/17 -A Bit of Writing

ROW80-4 -04/12/17 -Still in TO

Edit - I'd posted this on the FB page for ROW80, but will add it here too so that I don't lose it.

I’m still in TO, sans laptop. No last minute NaNo spurt, so only about 6k words this year. But, a stronger base than usual, to build on. I’ll just need to get into a routine- in spite of reading and Christmas and video games! I’m back home Wednesday. 
I borrowed Shining Girls, by Lauren Beukes, from the library, and flew through it in a couple of days. Light, but complicated- a good read. Now back to Broken Monsters. Patty sleeps in later, and naps, so lots of quiet time. I’m reading the Globe & Mail and NYT most mornings too. Patty gets both, but can only do headlines usually, so I find the gems hidden in the text for her. Mostly gems from Trump & company. 

This weekend I also went to a memorial for a cousin of mine- a creative and fascinating person, felled by an aneurysm in her 50’s. It was good to see everyone, but a good reminder to carpe diem. 
After that we took in a Christmas concert, by a local LGBTQ choir. Joyful songs, cute dance routines, and poignant tributes to loved ones both here and gone. 
A grey weekend at times, including the weather, but stringing the lights on the porch bounced us back up. Winter Solstice is coming, with short days and the end of one year. And bright colours, family gatherings, gifts and food, all to start us on the climb up to the rebirth of a new year.


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