ROW80-4 -04/12/17 -Still in TO
ROW80-4 -11/12/17 -A Successful Book Fair.

ROW80-4 -06/12/17 -A Bit of Writing

Not a lot, but I did do some work on my story, The Game, as well as some writerly things. I came back from Toronto on the Tuesday evening train, and enjoyed the generous - and free - meal and drinks. When I got home, I decided I needed to eat most of a large container of chili from the freezer, as well as a lot more wine. Today was a quiet day. 

My girlfriend arrives next week to help me prepare for my early family Christmas on the 17th. In the meantime, I need to shuffle some of my 'stuff' into corners, Or a closet. Or under the bed. 

Status report:

  • writerly
    • some more work on my NaNoNovel. I figure even an hour of fiddling with it is something. I probably should have brought my lap-top to TO. 
    • I'll be at an Indie Book Fair Saturday, to see if I can get a few Christmas Sales
    • Note - Goodreads giveaway program stops being free this year, so I'll do one more before year end. 
  • reading - More of the last NYT and a Guardian Weekly.  
  • games - No trucking, as my wheel is still broken. I may have to buy a used one. I did play some Train Simulator, but it's not that exciting. 
  • Netflix - I'm still watching The Method.
  • health - Doctor has me on a stronger BP medication - we'll see. 


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Eden Mabee

You do know there is a limited amount of space under one's bed for stashing stuff.... (found that lesson out the hard way!) :-D

Hopefully you have some good responses to the book fair and giveaway. Though I disagree that you should have brought the laptop to TO. It's probably because you didn't bring it that you have all these new ideas spinning in your head. That's why note books (and napkins) are so useful.


I reason that the more things stuffed under the bed, the less room for dust bunnies.

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