ROW80-4 -06/12/17 -A Bit of Writing
ROW80-4 -15/12/17 -Are We There Yet?

ROW80-4 -11/12/17 -A Successful Book Fair.

I was part of a book fair last Saturday for Indie authors, and actually sold six books! Three of each, for Kirk's Landing and Return to Kirk's Landing. Better than I had expected, as it was in the basement of a small, out of the way church, and not that well publicized. And it was a cold grey winter's day, with many chores on people's lists. There were maybe 18 tables there, with some author new to me, and some friends. Not a lot of buyers, but it's always nice to talk to people about your book, even if they just smile and move on. 

Other than that it was a few days of chores. Teeth cleaning done (ouch) as well as a meeting with my financial manager. My modest portfolio is doing well, still, and in fact gained almost 10% over the year. Laundry is done too, after the machine was returned (long story). 

The new landlord takes over in a few days, so the last few fixes are being done before the sale. Such as cutting down a very old tree in the back with a split in the trunk. About 90% of it was hanging over the back end of the yard behind us, but it would have landed on their garage if it had let go. They can now have a garden, I guess. 

Tomorrow my girlfriend arrives for my early Christmas on the 17th, then we're off to Toronto. Oh - and we have snow - that's staying. Only a few cm, but it's -13C today and there is another 15cm forecast for tomorrow. I'm glad I've got my snow tires on. 

Status report:

  • writerly
    • Still sporadic work on my latest NaNoNovel. I anticipate some forced time once my girlfriend arrives, as I'm usually up several hours ahead of her.  
    • Indie Book Fair went well - three sets of my two novels sold. That's $75 ;-) 
  • reading - More of the last NYT and a Guardian Weekly. Still working on Broken Monsters, by Beukes.  
  • games - Looks like Logitech may replace my broken G27 wheel. In the meantime, more Train Simulator.  
  • Netflix - I'm still watching The Method - it's dark. I finished Season 3 of Black Mirror, and enjoyed Arrival. 
  • health - The stronger BP medication is working - good.


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Beth Camp

Hello, Mike. Sounds like lots of end-of-year straightening away. Have you tried Diablo (PC game)? It's quite relaxing to bash demons with gorgeous backdrops. Thank you for the idea of a Book Fair. Congrats on selling three SETS of your books! Our writer's group just published its first Anthology (19 contributors), and we're hoping it brings visibility. Publicity is always challenging, but we're getting a first page spread this week in the arts section. Most folks are enthused about repeating the Anthology next year, but it was a LOT of work! Happy Christmas and Happy 2018!


I'm not good at shoot-em-up games. Lack of good hand-eye coordination plus I keep forgetting which key is what. I was part of a Flash Fiction anthology a while back. It's a nice collection and sometimes catches people's interest at a book sale.

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